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Zelda : Twilight Princess by Nintendo  
Zelda : Twilight Princess by Nintendo
GTA : Vice City by Rockstar  
GTA : Vice City by Rockstar
It Came From The Desert by Cinemaware  
It Came From The Desert by Cinemaware
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Luigi's Mansion by Nintendo Luigi's Mansion by Nintendo
Dreamcast Console - Boxed Dreamcast Console - Boxed
Wonder Boy in Monster Land by Sega Wonder Boy in Monster Land by Sega
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1. Light Cycle by PSS
2. Grabbed By The Ghoulies by Rare
3. Psyvariar by Xplosiv
4. NHLPA Hockey 93 by Electronic Arts
5. Waterloo by PSS
6. Boss Joystick Controller
7. Populous by Bullfrog
8. Rainbow Islands by Ocean
9. Skool Daze by Microsphere
10. Cheetah 125+ Joystick
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Alex Kidd by Sega
Alex Kidd by Sega

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Sonic 3 by Sega
Sonic 3 by Sega
Megadrive UK Euro

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Ground Zero Texas by Sony Imagesoft
Ground Zero Texas by Sony Imagesoft
Mega CD

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Category Favourites
1. Galactic Crusader by Sachen
2. Spitball Sparky by Nintendo
3. Lifeboat Game & Watch Manual
4. Kingman by Tandy
5. Pacboy & Mouse by Watara
6. Bomb Sweeper by Nintendo
7. Pinball by Nintendo
8. Sega Time Gear Watch by Kokido
9. Penguin Hideout by Supervision
10. Quiz Wiz by Coleco
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