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Retrogames 2009 Stock Clear Out

Following from our 2008 Clear out, this 2009 collection is the biggest we have ever put together.
This collection consists of 36 Huge boxes of stuff, as well as several seperate items.  

This collection is made up of spares, duplicates, imperfect items, faulty items and bits and bobs we just didn't know what else to do with, all accumulated over the past year. It gives you an idea of the amount of stock we get through just to list the nicest items onto this site!
We've taken photos of the contents of each box, and have written the majority of what is included in each box below its photos. However, we haven't written down every single item included in the photos, so it is worth studying the photos closely.
Due to the limitations of our funky LCD style pages on this site, these pictures are actually bigger and clearer on the Ebay auction it is connected to.
All this collection is for sale in one lot only, and is listed on Ebay:
Ebay Item Number : 370301786029
Ends at 10pm on Monday 14th December
BOX 1:
Commodore Music Maker
Commodore Magazine Disc collection
Commdore Amiga computer
Binatone TV Game
Competition Pro controller
Gameboy Carry case
Lethal Enforcer gun
Tape deck
Defender light gun
TV Scoreboard game
Mach 1 Joystick Boxed
2x Binatone TV Games - Orange
Ingersoll Screenplay
Grandstand Match of the day
Misc Games
BOX 2:
4x Joysticks
C16 Cassette Deck
Amiga Disc Drive
2x Commodore C64 C Computers
Vic 20 Computer
Nintendo 64 Computer
Atari Jaguar Console
Mega Drive 2 Console
Nintendo NES Console
2x Super Nintendo Consoles
Grandstand Console with 2x Controllers
C64 Cassette Deck
Acorn Electron computer
TRS80 Cassette Deck
Spectrum +2 PSU
Atari 2600 Console
2x N64 Controllers
Amiga Monitor cables
Amiga Modulator
SNES Mouse
34 Spectrum/Electron games
1x SNES game
1x Grandstand game
3x PC Games
1 Amstrad Elite
1x Mega CD
Misc Cables/PSU
Vic 20 Modulator
Spectrum PSU
BOX 3:
Prinztronic Miro ten boxed console
Thrustmaster Joypad
Quickshot 2
Spectrum + Computer
2x Amiga games
11x Commodore 64 games
6x Playstation games
4x C64 Disc
1x VCS games
14x Amiga manuals
3x Saturn games
5x Dragon 32 games
30x C64 games
94x Amiga discs
2x Retrogamer Mag fanzines 
BOX 4:
5x Sega Megadrive 2 Consoles
2x Sega Megadrive 1 Consoles
2x SNES Consoles
2x PC Pad
4x NES Pad
Mixed cables / Power supplies
PS1 Arcade stick by logic 3
GC to GBA Cable
BOX 5:
52x Controllers SNES/N64/Gamecube/Dreamcast
2x Xbox games
7x Mega Drive games
33x Spectrum games
4x Dreamcast games
1x C64 Disc
5x Dreamcast Rumble Packs
14x Dreamcast memory cards
1x NES Game Genie
Videopac Manuals
1x PC Game
Wii TV Cable
BOX 6:
Atari 800XL Computer
2x Commodore 64 C Computers
C64 Cassette Deck
Megadrive & Mega CD Combo
3x Boxes of Commodore 64 Discs
1x NES Controller
3x Mega Drive controllers
12x Atari ST Software
30x Nintendo 64 Rumble Packs
GBA Car Charger
10x Nintendo 64 Memory Cards
Misc PSU/Cables
BOX 7:
3x Magazines
C64 Cassette Recorder Boxed
38x Books and Manuals
29x Atari VCS Manuals
Atari 2600 Console
C64 Cassette Recorder Unboxed
6x Microdrive cases
Coleco Bowling Handheld
Blackjack Handheld
Parker Cueball Handheld
Tomytronic Thundering Turbos
MB Logic 5 Handheld
40x approx C64 Discs
2x Megadrive Controllers
Barcode Battler handheld Boxed
Tandy Arcade Boxed
Radica Rider ride on LCD Skateboard game
Tomytronic Shark Attack
Tandy Pinball
3x Sega toys
MB Pocket Simon
2x Bandai Missile Command Handhelds
Entex Football Handheld
Mattel Red Light Green Light
Systema Space Adventure
Mario Bros Playing cards
BOX 8:
Mega Drive console
N64 Console with Power supply
PS1 Console
2x Boxed Data Switches
5x Dreamcast Controllers
16x Gamecube Controllers
1x N64 Controller
2x PS1 Controllers
1x Mega Drive Controller
1x Namco TV Game
1x N64 Scart cable
1x N64 Console
2x Atari 1010 Cassette Decks
Atari Paddles
Jaguar Power Supply
Atari 2600 Console
5x N64 Memory Cards
3x N64 Rumble Packs
Circuit Connectors
Xbox 360 Component cable
1x Dreamcast rumble
Misc cables/PSU
BOX 9:
Vic 20 Computer Boxed
Vic 20 Cassette deck
Sargon 2 Vic 20 Cartridge
BOX 10:
9x PS2 games
8x PC games
17x PS1 games
5x Spectrum games
18x Super Nintendo games
7x Mega Drive games
Gameboy charger
1x DC Memory card
BOX 11:

281x ZX Spectrum full price games
BOX 12:
2x Amiga games
4x Acorn Archimedes software
5x PC Big box games
2x PS2 games
35x Spectrum games
2x PS1 Games
5x VCS Manuals
Dreamcast Keyboard boxed
3x PC Joystick
1x Colecovision game
1x Intellivision game
3x Mega CD Games
3x 3DO Games
3x DC Memory cards
Border Army by Casio - Boxed
Parker Split second handheld
Misc Cables/PSU
BOX 13:
Master System 2 console
2x Rubber Keyed Spectrum
2x Gunboy Famicom consoles
1x MD Controller
1x PS1 controller
4x Joysticks
1x Atari Joystick
12x Saturn Games
2x Mega Drive games
60x Spectrum games
Xbox headset
Sinclair Gun
1x Atari ST Game
Bandai Missile Invader
Pokemon gameboy cable
Amiga Power supply
N64 Rumble pack
3x VCS Games
1x Game Gear game
1x Gameboy game
4x N64 Memory paks
Misc Cables
BOX 14:
32x ZX Spectrum Big Box Games
2x C64 Games
BOX 15:
3x SNES Scope Interfaces
3x PS2 Games
Rubber keyed Spectrum
Cheetah joystick
2x Commodore Mouse
1x N64 Game
21x Commodore 64 Games
7x PS1 Games
14x Spectrum games
Japanese Space Invader UFO toy
Commodore 64 Freeze Cartridge
1x Gameboy
BOX 16:
Atari VCS 2600
Intellivision Console
Sega Saturn Console
Master System 2 Console
Lynx Console
Gameboy Advance Console
Gameboy Color Console
Tiger Console
1x Gameboy game
2x Intellivision games
1x Coleco games
1x NGage Game
2x Infra red controllers
2x Saturn games
10x 3DO Games
1x CDi Game
Racing handheld
BOX 17:
Mega Joy Famicom console - Boxed
5x C64 games
Amstrad Mini Interface boxed
2x Master System
2x Mega Drive
6x Playstation 1 Games
2x Game Gear Magnifiers
36 x Spectrum games
Pocket Puzzle Master Handheld
Mini Interface Unboxed for Amstrad
1x Calculator
Desert Rage handheld
1x SNES game
1x GBA Light
Saturn Christmas Nights game
Misc manuals
BOX 18:
Acorn Archimedes Monitor and Cables - Presumed working
BOX 19:
2x Game Gear Consoles
1x Gameboy original console
1x Gameboy pocket console
2x Xbox games
PC Engine console
11x Amiga games
1x VCS Games
2x Videopac Games
67x Games - Spec/Amstrad/Electron/Atari
28x Commodore 64 Games
40x Spectrum games
2x Master System games
1x Famicom game
83x Dragon 32 Tapes (lots of rare and unusual software on these - would be fun to go through)
BOX 20:
2x Nintendo 64 Consoles
2x Game Gear Consoles
2x Joysticks
3x Megadrive Controllers
1x Super Nintendo controller
Nintendo 64 PSU
2x GBA games
1x Amiga game
Entex Soccer handheld
Tomy Soccer handheld
Bandai Golf Handheld
Space Invaders Pocketeer
3x Dreamcast games
3x Atari St Software
1x Saturn controller
BOX 21:
Amstrad Modulator Convertor
Flight Controller
5x Joysticks
13x Amiga games
Amiga joypad
2x Atari Joysticks
Amiga Mouse
Kickstart/Boot discs
5x Spectrum books
Amiga Hard Drive
Misc Cables
BOX 22:

5x Saturn Games
Gameboy magnifier
2x SNES pad
4x Cassette games
7x Megadrive Games
3x Dreamcast games
1x PC Engine game
4x PS1 games
2x PS2 games
NES Remote controller
100+ Misc Discs
140x Misc Computer Cassettes
1x SNES game
Misc Manuals
BOX 23:
Acorn Archimedes + accessories - Genuinely assumed fully working
BOX 24:
Colecovision Console
Misc Games Amiga / PC
2x Vic 20 games
2x Gamecube Infra Red controllers
Guitar Hero Guitar controller
Misc Cables
N64 Transfer Pack
2x Gameboy Printers
Gameboy Color Console
Playstation 1 Multitap
4x N64 Rumble Packs
5x Spectrum games
1x Saturn Game
Lylat wars manual
8x Gameboy Advance Consoles
2x Gameboy SP Consoles
1x Gameboy Pocket Console
7x Misc Cassette Games
Gamecube PSU
Saturn RF Unit
Saturn Controller
GBA Light
1x Jap PS1
1x Gamecube cable extender
Megadrive PSU
BOX 25:
1x Nintendo 64 Console
5x Playstation 1 Consoles
7x PSOne Consoles
5x PSOne power supply units
BOX 26:
8x Mega Drive Games
6x Saturn Games
17x PC Games
29x Playstation 1 Games
2x Joysticks
Gameboy Original console + Case
Cassette Deck
Saturn Memory Cart
45 Unboxed Playstation 1 Discs
10x Misc Cassette C16/Atari 800/Electron
1x Nintendo 64 game
2x Master System games
Boxed Kempston Centronics Interface
Misc Manuals
BOX 27:
2x Cassette Deck
2x PS1 Consoles
7x PS1 Controllers
Acorn Electron Cassette Deck
Misc Manuals
2x Gameboy games
30+ Misc Amiga Discs
Playstation Gun
Original Gameboy console
5x Cassette games
BOX 28:
25x Spectrum games
UFORCE NES Controller Boxed
Acetronic MPU 1000 Console Boxed
BOX 29:
Amiga Tower System - Working
Commodore PET computer
Commodore Amiga Monitor - Untested but Assumed working
BOX 30: This is a big one
PS1 console
Master System 2 Console
PSOne and screen
Super Famicom console
Philips CDI Console + Controller + PSU
4x SNES Controllers
Micronta Regulated PSU Boxed
Big Trak toy
Atari ST/Amiga Mouse boxed
4x PS1 Controllers
Atari Demo discs
Misc Cables/Connectors
21x PC Games
88x Misc Cassette games Amstrad/Spectrum
2x Amstrad Manual
2x PSOne PSU
3x Emulator discs
1x Mega Drive Pad
4x PS1 games
3x Mega Drive games
2x Mega CD Games
2x CDI games
8x Sinclair User magazines
3x Crash Magazines
22x Home Computing Weekly Magazines
6x Edge Magazines
2x Spectrum manuals
BOX 31:
Prinztronic console Boxed
Acetronic MPU Console Boxed
Dragon 32 Computer
Spectrum + Computer Boxed
BOX 32:
4x Videopac games
Super Nintendo console
5x Amiga Games
1x Mega Drive games
2x N64 Rumble Pack
2x Psion games
N64 Memory pak
4x Microdrive carts
1x Saturn game
1x N64 PSU
80+ Amiga discs
1x N64 games
5x PS1 games
Misc Cables/PSU
Spectrum joystick interface
Misc Manuals
BOX 33:
3x N64 controllers
Misc cables, N64/SNES/Wii
Boxed Nintendo Scope

Xbox Freestyler Skateboard controller (this is huge!)
Boxed MSX Computer
Interton Video 3000
Amstrad GX4000 Console
Game Case including 62x Spectrum games
BOX 34:
3x Intellivision Consoles
1x Dreamcast Controller
VCS Driving controller
Dreamcast manuals/Dream Key
PS1 memory Card
BOX 35:
Atari 7800 Console and controller
VCS Video Touchpad
Gamecube AV cable
3x N64 Rumble packs
Intellivoice unit - boxed
9x Mega Drive / Master System Power Supplies
VCS Paddles
3x Gamecube Extender cables
Misc Cables Adaptors
Atari 800xl PSU
Spectrum PSU
4mb Gamecube Memory card
BOX 36 (phew!)
Coleco Steering Wheel
6x Intellivision Controllers
Atari 800/Spectrum 128+2/Spectrum/Gamecube/N64 PSUs
Faulty Nintendo DS
Sega Control stick
VCS Paddles
1x Amiga game
8x Spectrum games
113x Spectrum games
2x PS2 Games
1x Xbox game
6x Intellivision games
4x GBA Games
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