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New Cylon Attack by ANF New Cylon Attack by ANF
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£ 9.00

11th December 2012 : Christmas Rush In Full Effect

Today we added the Christmas banner to our home page, but in reality we didn't need to, as you guys have been buying retro Christmas presents for weeks! We'll besending parcels every dayright up to the Friday before Christmas, and then again straight after on the 27th, no rest for the wicked!

All UK parcels over £50 are now going special delivery, so even if you order on Friday the 21st, you're guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

4th September 2012 : 30,000 Item Inventory Reached

It's that time of year again, last week we jumped the 30,000 item hurdle, so that's 5000 additional items since we hit our 25,000 target on the 21st of September 2011.That's an average of 102 new additions every week on the site, and that doesn't include re-stocks, andre-listings, that's just the new titles added that we've never had in stock before.

As I said last year, these 5000 item targets should be getting harder to hit,every unusual game weadd will just be a re-stock the next timeit comes in, so wesee ever diminishing 'new item' returnsas we edge close to having90% ofgames titlesreleased for each formatin our inventory.

So, let's see if we hit 35,000 this time next year, or whether my prediction is right, and another 5000titles new to the site is gonna take a lot longer.One thing is for sure, if we can grow quicker, we're gonna try! ;o)

15th June 2012 : Newer Formats Added

Today we added current formats to the site, with Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 games being added. There are lots of reasons for these additions, which i'll come on to, but I know some of you will feel adding these games is going against our 'retro' ethos. Now i'll try and convince you otherwise.

1: Longest Life Cycle Ever

A disappointing E3 has confirmed that the next generation is the longest we've ever waited for. The Xbox 360 started the ball rolling back in 2005. To compare, we started selling games for the original Xbox in 2005, when the 360 was released. If we'd stuck to the same time frame for the 360, we'd have been selling them since 2008, four years ago! The story is similar for the Gamecube and Playstation 2. Seven years is a long time for a format to remain at the forefront, and there has been pressure to add them onto the site for quite some time.

2: Collectibility / Hard to find

What this site is, is a resource for game collectors, and there are certainly 100s of games for current formats which most would view as collectible. Indeed, this generation has seen more special 'collector' or 'limited' issues than ever before. The long cycle also means there are plenty of hard to find titles, particularly from the first couple of years of their release. Then there is the labour of love that is collecting complete series of games. If you collect Final Fantasy, Resident Evil or even Tomb Raider games, you'll want to add the newer ones to your collection too.

3: Trade ins

But the biggest reason we've finally added these formats, is due to customer demand. It's not just about us selling them, it's about the amount of customers who want to trade them in for games on other formats. Sale and trade lists including current format games have become a daily occurence for some time, and it has been a pity to keep turning these games away,especially astherewas no doubt we would be selling these formats eventually anyway.

So, there you have it, we don't sell new releases, but we do now sell Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360. We have sold Nintendo DS and PSP for quite some time now, but do not have any plans to include the two newest game formats, 3DS and Vita, at leastfor the forseeable future.We will also not be stocking the next generation, when it comes.

We area site who's biggest section is Commodore, so retrogames will always be dominated by classic formats of the past, but our ultimategoal once the industry goes completely download only, must surely be to have every game for every format ever released in stock! ;o) Nice to have goals!!

15th May 2012 : This Site Is Clean

There was another attempt at hacking the site last night, our brilliant webmaster spotted it straight away, and the site was clean again at 1.17am this morning. There are messages coming up on google about malware, please ignore them. It's just a matter of getting google to check the site and take the warning away. Apologies for any confusion.

Do also remember, that this site holds no personal card or payment information, and the nature of the hack was to add
malware, not to take data or damage the site. We are taking measures to make sure the site is even more secure in future. Thanks for your continued support.

11th May 2012 : Postage

It's with a heavy heart that today we've put up our postage rates, this is the first postage increase on the site for over four years. While we've always subsidised the postage charged by the site to some extent, the recent 40% price increases by royal mail have now made this damaging to the business.

A first class recorded parcel of a single game,between 100g-750g now costs £3.77 to send in the UK.Because we've got games on the site at 50p and with our previous£1.00 - £1.50postage, it meant on smaller orders we were actually paying to give away our items.

These changes to royal mail prices will also mean big changes to our ebay shop. Previously we sold these items post free in the UK, for the moment we've added £1.50 UK postagetoeverything.Selling items at £5orlessisnow not viable on ebay, so there will be a big cull over the coming weeks.

There's always the hope that another company comes up with a cheaper alternative to the royal mail packet post. These changes will effect most mail order businesses, and thousands of ebay sellers. Bargain hunters take note, if someone is selling cheap items with free postage, they are giving the stuff away so get in quick!

Thanks to everyone for your support, we sincerely hope that the increased postage costs don't put you off buying from Retrogames. We will continue to lose a little money on each parcel we send, i'm just so sorry we can't afford to offer a cheaper service any longer.

23rd March 2012: BIG Record Breaking Listing Week

This week sees our biggest listing week ever, with 606 Items added to the site, Phew! Our previous biggest week was way back in October 2010, when we listed 589 items. To be honest, we thought the record would be easier to beat,in realityit's been a tough slog to get this much stuff on in such a short space of time, so don't expect us to break it again next week!

14th March 2012 : Anyone getting any Virus alerts?

This week we've had two customers report that their virus checkers are saying our site is infected. Initially we were quite alarmed by this, but have subsequently run over ten high level site virus checkers throughout the server and have come up clean every time. We've checked all our office computers, all clean too. There doesn't seem to be an actual infection with the site at all, but it would be nice to find out what's going on to make the virus checkers react.

So, if you get any alerts when using our site, do let us know, and ideally, can you let us know which virus program you're using, what page you're in on the site, and what's on the screen (ideally the pictured items). We believe it may be a photo tagin a recent listing which is causing the alert, but with over 100,000 photos on the site, finding it is going to require help. Many thanks.

2nd March 2012: Hardware Listing Continues

Regular visitors will have seen that we've spent the past few weeks listing hardware on the site, clearing the mountain we've been neglecting for far too long. Commodore was first, thirty one C64s and Amigas hit the site. Next up was Nintendo, Eight Snes's, Ten NES's, Nine Gamecubes and a ridiculous Sixteen N64s.

This week we've added Sega hardware, withnearly thirty Mega Drives, Saturns, Dreamcasts, 32Xs, Mega CDs and Master Systems hitting the site. Next upare Atari, Playstation,then Sinclair. If we can stand any more testing, we'll then move on to other formats, as there's Acorn hardware, MSXsand a big pile of Xbox consoles to go through.

Once the hardware has been tackled, we'll get stuck back into the games with some huge listing weeks. So, if you're bored of hardware listings, apologies, but we're nearly there ;o)

13th January 2012 : Site Climbing the Web

The good news is that our stats just keep getting better, today we snuck under the 7000th position, retrogames currently sitting as 6995th most popular site in the UK. Our worldwide stats are still climbing too, at 227,585th most popular site in the world.

True, it doesn't sound that great, but we're already miles ahead of Sega's own website in the UK (8785th), and tens of thousands of places ahead of established games companies like Namco and Capcom. Still some way to go, but if we keep climbing like this, we'll be catching Nintendo's own site soon.

23rd December : Christmas Message

That's it, the final pre-Christmas parcel bag has just been collected, and it's time to relax forthefestivities- and get some serious gaming time in ;o)

I know, you're wondering if our site ranking is still going up, and yes, this week we went up another 336 places in the UK to become the 7948th most popular website in the UK. Apparently our average user is male (of course), aged between 25-34 (poo, i'm 40), and has no children to scratch their discs or chew their joypads.

Anyway, all in all it's been a brilliant year for RG, we've added 6000+ games to our inventory, we've got the most traffic we've ever had since this site went live back in 1998, we've sold thousands of games all across the world, and we've played plenty along the way (testing of course!). The only thing we haven't really done is dented the literal mountain of stuff awaiting listing. We must have in excess of 100 consoles and computers waiting to be tested too, so we're gonna be busier than ever in 2012.

So, to all our friends, fans and customers, huge thanks for your support over the past year, we wouldn't be here without you, and do our best to appreciate that every day. Wishing you all a great Christmas and an incredible 2012.

16th December 2011 : And Still Climbing...

I guess it's partly down to the festive season and people browsing for Christmas presents, but we've seen our traffic jump for the second week in a row. This week we've leapt from 9361st most popular site in the UK to 8284th, that's a jump of 1077 places!If it carries on like that, we'll be more popular than ebay by February ;o)

Thejumpmoves us well ahead of Retrogamer which slipped down this week, putting us over a thousand places ahead. Those of you who read this news page regularly or who used to read our magazine, will know we are embarressingly addicted to charts, stats and countdowns - so fingers crossedthere'll bemore showing off soon!

9th December 2011 : Site Traffic Record - Yippee!

We're finally starting to make some gains in the online traffic race, with this site finally nudging into the top 10,000 UK websites, with a current ranking of 9361, just 800 behind the site which ripped off and quickly killed our own Retrogames fanzine (tongue firmly in cheek), Retrogamer. Not bad considering they are a national magazine, but would love to get ahead of them.

These days we're a long way ahead of the various copycat sites we spawned along the way, so our real competition has to be ebay, currently number 6 in the UK list. Realistically we'll neverget into the top 1000, let alone the top 10, (far toomany 'adult entertainment sites' in the way).

But the reason for this success has to be the amazing support that all you guys have shown us since the site went live back in 1998. If it wasn't for all your reccomendations, links, and postive vibes, we wouldhave disappeared years ago, and we'd all have proper jobs instead of fiddling with power packs and old cassettes all day - so huge thanks!
I'll also take this opportunity to give you a little whiff of RG excitement, we currenlty have some major site developments in progress, they're some way off going live, but include a dedicated mobile site - which should make it much easier to use the site on a smartphone, new shipping options, embedded music and video possibilities and a long longed for 'advance search' , allowing you to searchcategories rather than the whole site (Can't wait for that one myself!)

25th November 2011 : Listing Ramps Up
Another HUGE listing week sees us add933 items added to the site in just two weeks and that doesn't include those that sold over that period.A whopping 563itemswere for Nintendo formats, which makes Nintendo now our third biggest section after Commodore and Other Formats.We'd like to take a rest, but we never seem to get close to clearing our storage spaces before more stuff comes in. I guess it's a nice problem to have, though the literal mountain of hardware awaiting testing makes me feel all queezy inside;o)

8th November 2011 : New Retrogames Tool Bar

Yes, you can now install a dedicated Retrogames tool bar to your browser, allowing you to search our site, check our categories, and keep updated with new listings, all directly fromyour browser. Install it now at THIS LINK

10th October 2011 : Competition has been Drawn

Check our Facebook page for the full list of winners, and thanks to everyone who joined in. We never expecting that many entries, so we gave ourselves arm ache putting everyone's name on post-it notes. Congratulations, i'm sure there'll be more competitions in the future!

27th September 2011 : New Magazine Content

The last couple of weeks have seen more updates to the magazine section of the site. Two new articles from the Mad Gamer, and today wehave addedtwo new Sega gaming guides, from new contributor, Tony Flynn. You can get straight to them byClicking Here.

21st September 2011 : 25,000 Items means Competition Time!

Last night we got to that ellusive 25,000 inventory item figure we've been chasing for the past year. To celebrate we've put together ten great prizes and are offering them in a free prize draw on our facebook page. Top prize is £100 to spend on anything onthis site, but there areloads more prizes including a boxed Nintendo 64, a Grandstand Scramble Tabletop, Game & Watch Keyring,Japanese Bemani game, Parappa the Rapper Punch Bag, Somemintycontrollers and other slightly less exciting items.

All you have to do to win, is head to our facebook page, look for the 'Prize Draw' post, click to like it, and click the page to like it too if you don't already. We're going to draw the prizes on the 10th of October at 10.10am. Good luck to everyone who enters, and thanks for your continued support! Let's do this again next year when we hit 30,000 ;o)

13th September 2011 : Long Awaited Magazine Revamp

The 'Online Magazine' section of the site has long been neglected, crazy really as it's one of our favourite parts of the site. Today we finally revamped the magazine home pages, and added all the content we had on the gaming lives website. We also added our first totally new content for over a year, with a veryfunny'8-bit Graveyard' piece from Sean Kavanagh. We hope to have some more new content very soon.

2nd September 2011: BIG Listing Week - 461 Items Added

It's a long time since we had a 500+ item week, last October to be precise, and we thought that we were going to get there this week, but as Friday night looms large, we've got to 461. So, still pretty mega,and loads of really tasty new edition across most departments, though Nintendo and Sega were the big winners.

30th August 2011 : 25,000 Items Target Looms Large

A few hundred items to go, and we'll be at 25,000 different items in our inventory. As i've often written, the target gets harder and harder to reach the more items we list. That's because most items we list are coming back into stock, so we over write their previous listing with new details and photos. There aren't many obvious games you won't find a previous listing for on the site, meaning the games that push the total up are always rare and unusual ones.

It was actually back on the 24th of September 2010 that we reached the 20,000 mark, so it looks like we'll hit the new target in around a year. Taking into account the increased difficultyof adding games we don't already have listings for, i'd predict it'll take longer than a year to climb to 30,000, but let's see!

23rd August 2011 : Three Days In the Dark

As many of you are no doubt already aware, on the morning of Saturday the 20th of August,at around 9.45am, this site went down. Usually these events are triggered by glitches in the system, they iron themselves out in a few minutes and all returns to normal. This wasn't one of those times. With the retrogames team blissfully unaware and enjoying the weekend, the darkness continued until Monday morning, when panic ensued.

The problem was our old and creaky server, nearly four years with this version of the site onboard, it decided enough was enough. Backups woefully out of date, it wasn't until late on Monday that we knew for sure that all the data was safe and undamaged. Then came the awful task of extracting the site from the old server, and holding it safely until it could be pumped into our all new shiny server.

Invitable problems curtailed, at just gone 9.30pm tonight, the site once again burst into life.

Now, before you go worrying that personal data has been lost, or corrupted or sold to terrorists, there has been no loss of any kind on the site. In any case, we hold no payment details, all are handled by Sagepay and Paypal. The only thing at risk was our mammoth database and the 100,000+ photos which make this site what it is.

Those in the know could keep up with events as they unfolded on our Facebook page, if you haven't already 'liked' us, it's a great way with keep up with everything we do. And in the case of this calamity, provided a vital way to keep lots of you informed of progress.

So there it is, the longest outtage in the history of Retrogames, three and a half days without RG, and some of you were starting to worry (though not as much as we were I promise!). Huge thanks for all the kind emails and notes, one thing is for sure, it's rammed home how important the RG site isto somany people. We'll do our best to insure nothing like this happens again. Thanks for your patience everyone, we just couldn't continue without all your support.

10th August 2011 : Slight Delay in Sending Parcels

Due to staff holidays our next posting day is Wednesday (17th). There will also be a delay in pricing lists or answering queries, but the office will be open and functioning, with normal stock listing and parcel receipt.Many apologies for any inconvenience.

22nd July 2011 : Email Notification Delays

Apologies for anyone suffering from slow email notifications of your orders over the past couple of days. Don't worry, we're aware of the problem, and it should be fixed in the next few hours. Thanks for your patience, and don't worry,the site is operating as normal, and all orders are coming to us in the normal way.

14th June 2011 : Ebay Shop Update

If you fancy a virtual rummage, we're uploading over 200 games to our ebay shop today, it's all a bit shabby compared to what goes onto this site, but there are plenty of bargains. We like to do our bit to help keep Ebay going ;o)

9th May 2011 : A bit of a revamp

A few little site improvements went live tonight. Firstly, you may have noticed new icons on the home page. The 'Hot Updates'button has been replaced with a more sensible 'Latest Arrivals' button.

The eagle eyed amongst you will also notice that we've squashed in a new 'Facebook' logo, which links to our new Facebook page. If you've not already 'Liked' us, get on with it, because we'll be running some Facebook exclusive competitions in the near future.

Actually, on the subject of Facebook, it's lead to a bit of intercompany rivalry here, as our sister site's facebook page ( has been around for a few years, and has over 200 likers. I've boasted that we can beat that in a couple of months - come on, we're retrogamers, we've got to overtake those crusty old record guys!. Nearly thirty likes in three days, i'm pretty confident.

A new game recyclinginformation page is nowlive. We've had lots of contact from people clearing out old games lately, who've just wanted to get rid of all their stuff, and don't want the hassle of listing it. With that in mind, we've started a new recycling service, just box your stuff up, send it to us, and we guarantee to pay you all your postage costs back, and money for anything of value within it. Not really a service intended for those of you with Mint Snes collections, but a worthwhile outlet for those who want their tatty or damaged games and hardware to go togood homesrather than the landfill.

Finally there's a new icon for Bonus Points, and in the next few days we'll be updating the 'Benefits of Registering page' , the plan is to offer Bonus Points (which equate to discount) in return for reviews on the site. That's right, get paid in kind for ranting about games, sounds like the perfect job.
6th May 2011 - Retrogames Facebook Page - Finally!

Ok, it's taken us a while to catch on, but today we finally launched our facebook page. We've had twitter for some time, so it's never made sense that we weren't on facebook. Now we're on a quest for likers, we need twenty five before we can get a proper link for the site. This link will take you directly to our page:
Once we have sorted out a proper facebook page link, we'll juggle the home page of the site and fit in a Facebook connection. We've started adding content already, including some exclusive pictures from our warehouse.

To encourage you all to like the new page, we'll be having a free prize draw as soon as we hit 100 likers - so tell your friends please! ;o)

22nd April 2011 - Happy Retro Easter

Happy Easter to all our customers and friends. We're still working as normal, but the post service doesn't resume until Tuesday, so we won't send despatched notices on orders over this weekend until they're really despatched - on Tuesday. Have a good one.

15th April 2011 - We hit 23,000 Different Items

Ok, so the number 23 might not seem that significant, and you're right, we'll definitely be more excited when we get to 25,000, but a landmark is a landmark, and we'll celebrate where we can!

It was back in September that we hit 20,000, so at this rate we should get to 25k in less than a year. Remember these days a lot of the newly listed items which appear in the list are re-stocks of sold games. Those of you who've been with us a long time will also know that we are still plugging away replacing all the small photos on older listings. We'll get there in the end!

4th February 2011 -Commodore hits 4000 Items

Not quite a 500new additionweek, but well over 400 soworth a mention as it's the biggest listing week on the siteso farthis year.Excitingly it takes our Commodore section to a heady 4000 different items,it'sa healthy lead to our next biggest sections, Other Formats on 3742, and Nintendo on 3433.

If you're new to the site, make sure you regularly click the 'Hot Updates' button on the home page to see all the newly listed items. If you haven't visited for a while, you can even track back weekly through eight weeks to find all the items listed on the sitein the past two months.

19th January 2011 - Gaming Lives Writing Competition

We are giving all you budding writers a big heads up, particularly if you enjoy writing about videogames. Our good friends at Gaming Lives are having an amazing writing competition,they're giving away a choice of Xbox 360 with Kinect, a slimline PS3, a DSi XL plus lots more.
All you have to do is write a story about gaming, personal opinion, or a gaming related story which would cheer us all up. The closing date is the 28th of January, so gettyping.Click Hereto go straight to the Gaming Lives Competition page.

7th January 2011 - Happy New Year - Let the Listing Commence

Christmas out of the way, royal mail seem to be up straight again, and we're hard back at work, check the 'Newly Listed' section for all our new year stock additions. Happy new year to all our fantastic customers, we wouldn't be able to keep growing if it wasn't for your amazing support. Huge thanks!

24th December 2010 - Happy Christmas & Parcel Issues

If you are one of the unlucky few still waiting for their parcel from us, then i'm really sorry. While we've been working hard throughout December to make sure all parcels are sent the same day they are ordered, the royal mail has been in chaos. The special delivery guarantee was revoked two weeks ago, and our daily royal mail updates have reported there are still areas which have had very little post for weeks.

Hopefully everything will get back to normal quickly after the Christmas break. We're back to work on Tuesday the 28th, Our post collectionresumes on Wednesday the 29th, so we'll just continue with very little interuption into the new year.

Anyway, this wasmeant to just bea short note to thank everyone for their support over the past year, and hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and a truly incredible new year! Thanks to you all.

23rd November 2010 - Retrogirl Added to the Team

We're having another busy week, with over 500 new items already added to the site so far.I also must use thisopportunity to welcome a female to the Retrogames office, it's been acouple of yearssince our last retrolady departed,so us lads have had to tidy ourselves upa bit for our new team member.Any of you now imagining what a 'retrobird' might look like, rest assured, she's much more attractive than your thinking, and while we've yet to persuade her there was gaming life before the PS1, i'm sure she'll fit in well.

29th October 2010 - Sega Hardware Sorted Too

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that we've now split the Sega Hardware section into its respective formats. Not so many games listed this week, as we've been busy bench testing hardware, expect the resulting stock live on the site next week.

20th October 2010 - Hardware Section Split

We finally got round to sorting the Nintendo hardware section. It's one of the things that annoys us most in the office, that the hardware is all bunched together making it hard to find items relating to particular machines. That's not changed, the 257 hardware items for Nintendo have been split by format within the section, making it much easier to find what you're looking for.

It sounds like it should be an easy job, but actually involves individually editting every item. Unfortunately this does screw up the additional items for this week, as moving them around turns them back into newly added items, but don't worry, we'll be adding lots more new items to the sitethis week too.

More hardware section updates are to follow, with a Sega hardware split planned next.

15th October 2010 - Another 500+ Week!!

We have worked even harder than last week, with 589 new items added tothe site this week. The biggest amount of additions are in the Commodore section, including almost an entire run of Zzap magazines.

Other highlights include some rare MSXhardware, some unusual calculators, Turrican 2, Wings and Agony on the Amiga, some promo only Bomberman keyrings, a Mario Barcode battler card set, Supersonic wireless controller for the NES, Texas TI99/A computer, Rez and Trance Vibrator for PS2, Seaman box set on Dreamcast, and Hi-Res invaders for the ZX81, but there's lots lots more than that! Go to our'Newly Listed' page for the full list.

8th October 2010 - It's a 500+ Item week!

We're having the busiest listing period so far this year, with over 500 new additions and restocks hitting the site this week. We hope to have an even bigger week next week, so keep an eye on the new additions page.
4th October 2010 - Casio PV1000 & Super Cassette Vision

As the volume of listing increases in our build up to the festive period, today we've added two more new sections to the site. The Casio PV-1000 remains one of the rarest of all Japanese consoles, and at the time of writing there has not been a single PV1000 item on ebay for several months. Meanwhile we finally add the Super Cassette Vision to our Epoch section. What a shame that console didn't find a wider audience, as itsone of the few early 1980s consoles to offer gameplay whichrivalled its Famicom competition.

You'll find both new sections within the 'Other Formats' category.

24th September 2010 - 20,000+Target Reached At Last!

We finally got over the 20,000 different item number today, a target we've been aiming for for over a year. Back when deadlines were assumed, we didn't take into account that when you've got an inventory with so many games in it, finding ones you don't already have a listing for gets progressively more difficult. When a new box of games gets added to the site, invariably the vast majority just effect the stock numbers of already listed items, with only a possible few adding to the total number of different items. For that reason, it's reasonable to think that the 25,000 target is several years away, even though the amount of stock coming in continues to mushroom.

This weeks 20K pushhas seen THREE new sections added to the site. All three are in the 'Other Formats' section, and all three arefor very rare consoles. You'll now find sections for the Japanese Tomy Pyuuta / Tutor , the USA Bally Astrocade, and pre-VCS RCA Studio 2 consoles.

10th September 2010 - Jace Gets Married Tomorrow!

Not strictly retrogames news, but the big bloke finally makes an honest woman ofhislong sufferinggirlfriendtomorrow. It won't suprise many to hear that videogame music will feature heavily during the service and the disco afterwards. The minions will take control or RGwhile he's off sunning himself next week on honeymoon. All parcels will be despatched as normal, the only issue will be with pricing collections. He'll get to work on replying to everyone with items for sale when he returns on the 21st of September.

Other little improvements have happened to the site this week, you can now 'tweet' all the items in stock directly to your Twitter account. Also, if you're on twitter, don't forget you can now follow retrogames by clicking the link on the home page.

3rd September 2010 - Site Improvements

Small improvements this week, more to come next week. The eagle eyed amongst you may now have noticed that the big Retrogames logo at the top of thesite now brings you back to the home page if you click on it, handy if you're knee deep in an obscure section and want to get back. Also, you may have noticed a slight increase in speed as part of the back-end of the site has been re-written to be more efficient. If you haven't noticed, then you must have a good speed already ;o) More news next week...

30th August 2010 - BIG GAMES WEEK

This week we are having a mega listing week, trying to catch up with the mountains of stock we have ready to go on the site. The plan is to list over 300 games over the coming days, finally breaking the 20,000 barrier in our live products total. (this total is displayed in the menu next to 'Sitemap')

Of course, the problem of having such a huge database of stock is that most games which come in, we already have a listing for. A stock change does not change our inventory total, so it is only new items to the site which count.

So, keep an eye on the newly listed page, this week is going to be a good one for the site!

19th August 2010 - No Parcel Despatch on 20th & 23rd

Due to staff holidays there will be no royal mail collection on Friday the 20th or Monday the 23rd of August, this will lead to a slight delay to orders placed on Friday. Normal service resumes on Tuesday the 24th, and all orders will be despatched on this day.

11th August 2010 - Arcade Models Hit the Site

We are very pleased to welcome a new range of bespoke arcade coin-op modelsto the site today. These hand crafted beauties stand about five inches tall, and look fantastic when arranged together. You'll find them through the front page link in the Memoribiliasection, and in the coming week we'll be adding an information page detailing how they are made and the genius behind them.

23rd July 2010 - Slight delayfor pricing enquiries

Due to staff holidays, we will not be able to price collections for cash or exchange for the coming week, orders and parcels are going out as normal, and collections will be priced again on or after the 2nd of August. Apologies to anyone caught up in the delay.

12th July 2010 - Home Page Update + Twitter!

Hope you like the new Front Page icons, which were far more complicated to add than at first thought. Hopefully regular visitors will be pleased by the 'hot update' link which takes you straight to the last seven days worth of new items. The newest feature though is a link to our Twitter feed. Hopefully we'll soon pick up a few followers, and be able to keep you all updated through twitter with the hottest items on the site, and general gaming updates.

Also, the promised Twitter links are coming soon to all in store items - Woohoo!

5th July 2010 - Ebay Shop Update

We're just uploading another two hundred items to our ebay shop. While these items are not of a condition good enough to appear on this site, they are generally cheaper. Why not grab a bargain, and make us pay Ebay commission in the process!

2nd June 2010 : Brand New Game & Watch

It's not often a product from the site gets mentioned on the news page, but when Nintendo decide to release a brand new Game & Watch, it deserves some attention. To celebrate the anniverary of thirty years of G&W, Nintendo have released a new version of Ball. However, rather than offering it for sale, the game was used solely for promotional purposes, being sent to all Platinum members of the Japanese Nintendo club. Can you imagine Nintendo doing anything like that for their British customers?

The game itself is pretty much identical to the original 1980 version, though the embossed information box on the rear has different information and the Nintendo club logo. The box is beautiful, along with the improved inner packaging, and bespoke fold out card stand for the game.

With games being sent to individual addresses within Japan only, getting a quantity for the site has proved difficult, as you need a lot of Japanese friends! However, we have managed to get three shipped into the UK today, original address labels removed from the outer boxes, and all three in MINT and unplayed condition. Item 020256.

If this doesn't become a super collectible in the years to come, then i'll eat my Virtual Boy carry case.

28th May 2010 : New Link Banner Added

I know, how can we pride ourselves on being advert free, and then put in a big clickable banner, but hey, it's for our sister site,, so hopefully we can be forgiven. Those of you with eagle-eyes may have noticed that our record site has 'twitter' links for each item, the good news is we plan to add the 'tweet this' feature to retrogames very soon.

19th April 2010 : Retrogames Sister Site upgraded to match

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that our sister music site, Retroboke, has been radically redesigned, in a similar style to this site. Currently with just under 12,000 LPs, 12's and 7' Singles for sale, check it out

Over 300 items have been added in the last day, just in time for Easter! Happy browsing and a happy Easter to all our friends and customers.

21st March 2010 : A few Card Payment Issues

Well, we've finished listing items for this week, and our last day for pre-Christmas posting is now over. We're actually working through the Christmas period pretty normally, our next parcel posting day is next Tuesday the 29th of December. The postal system is usually pretty efficient just after Christmas too.

23rd December 2009 : Merry Christmas to all of you!

Well, we've finished listing items for this week, and our last day for pre-Christmas posting is now over. We're actually working through the Christmas period pretty normally, our next parcel posting day is next Tuesday the 29th of December. The postal system is usually pretty efficient just after Christmas too.
We'll be sorting through boxes of stock through the Christmas period, getting ready for a huge batch of new items which we will be adding in the first week of the new year. We didn't get to our target of 17,000 different items before the end of this year, we're currently at 16,272. But we certainly still hope to get to 17k before the end of January. It's actually been an incredible year, our biggest ever for stock growth. Its hard to believe that this time last year, we only had just under 8,000 different items in stock, we have literally doubled in size in the past twelve months.

It only remains for me to say, huge thanks to all our brilliant customers and friends for all your support over the past year. We couldn't keep growing without you!

We wish you all a very happy Christmas, hopefully full of hassle free gaming, and lets hope the next year makes all our dreams come true! (you don't get more cheesy than that)
11th December 2009 : PC Section Expands
After a lot of ums and ahs, the PC section is set to grow. We've long held off adding a big PC section, as the format has such a long history, and there are so many budget re-issues. For most of the format's life, it has never been seen as a collectible format. However, there's no denying that these days there are lots of valuable big box games, particularly the old 3.5" disc ones.

With this in mind, this week we have added our first big batch of PC big box games to the section. Slightly confusingly, you will find 3.5" disc games mixed in with the CDRom ones, despite the section being called PC CDRom. We'll get this changed to PC games soon.
4th December 2009 : Christmas Rush & Mega Clear Out

If it wasn't hard enough work getting 300+ new items on the site every week, and handling the increase in orders which December brings. We have also now finished listing our second ever 'MEGA CLEAR OUT' auction on ebay. A mammoth 36 huge boxes of consoles, computers, games, peripherals and all kinds of other stuff is going live on Ebay tonight. The hard work is in the listing, we've got over 70 photos of all the included items live on the site.
It all finishes at 10pm on the 14th of December, we can't wait to have that bit of extra space to expand in to when it sells.
6th November 2009 : Postal Strikes are Over

No sooner do I put a message on the site about the postal strikes, they end. Great news, normal super-fast service has now resumed. Let the Retrogaming continue...
4th November 2009: Postal strikes
Just a note on this subject, we don't seem to be experiencing any major delays with our parcels due to the recent postal strikes. Apparently our area has cleared its backlog, and as long as we avoid posting during strike days, everything seems to be running as normal.
3rd November 2009 : Smashed the 15,000 Different Item total
Well, it has taken longer than hoped, but today we broke the 15,000 different items listed on the site total. With multiples, our current inventory is at around 22,000 available items.

The past eight week 'newly added' period has brought 1623 new items to the site. With increased orders over the end of the year, time for listing will shorten, so progress may slow a little. However, we'll do our best to maintain a 200+ new items per week. Back in August we said we were aiming for 17,000 items before Christmas, it's still possible!
28th October 2009 : More New Sections
The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed there have been quite a few new sections added in recent weeks. Many of these are thanks to us finally getting most of our hoard of books onto the site, as well as some memorabilia items. Anyone who's been disappointed by only four items being in our new Handheld 'Robots' section can rest assured, we do have more to add soon. A robots section is something we've wanted to add for some time, now we just need some interesting robots to fill the section! Other newly added sections include:

Spectrum Books
ZX81 Books
Sinclair Manuals
Sinclair Brochures
BBC/Electron Books
BBC/Electron Magazines
Atari Books / Manuals / Brochures
Nintendo Game Guides
Sega Game Guides
Memorabilia Action Figures
Memorabilia Toys & Games
Multi Format Books / Brochures / Guides
And there are some more book sections on the way in the Playstation section, then its back on with listing games...
9th October 2009 : Unbelievable Bargains!
Just to show that there are still plenty of bargains to be found on the site, check this link to recently listed Arena by Psygnosis on ebay. It was listed for a staggering 499.00 Euros.
Now check out item number 011364 on this site, as it's where this item came from, originally sold by us at a much more reasonable 25.00...
So if you needed any more reason to check our newly added items every week, there it is!
5th October 2009 : Hardware Update On Its Way
We're currently working hard sorting through one of our hardware storage units, getting a mountain of peripherals and controllers ready to be listed on the site over the coming week. We've got plenty of consoles and computers to add too, so if you're looking for hardware, keep an eye on the site over the next seven days.
30th September 2009 : Apologies for Site Issues
Anyone who tried to use the site last night may have had some difficulties opening the pages. We had problems with our server, which had to be shut down while issues were corrected. All is back to normal now, and sorry for any frustration caused.
25th September 2009 : Ebay Gets Even Worse
For those of you who dabble with a bit of selling on ebay, you may know that September the 22nd was a pretty important day. It was the deadline for all music, media and computer games to be listed postage free. That means any seller who keeps an inventory on ebay, will now see their listings slowly thrown off the site.
Ebay's justification for this change, is that it will help sellers compete with sites like Amazon and Play who offer free postage. The difference is of course, that Amazon and Play are selling new items, and making all kinds of savings on postage with special royal mail deals, and vat free invoices thanks to bases in Jersey. Your average ebay seller is far less well prepared to compete with them.

Certainly, as a buyer, you can see the benefit of buying a new CD or Game on one of the big free postage sites, rather than taking a chance with an ebay seller who charges delivery. However, when it comes to second hand items, namely, pre-2000 videogames, who on earth do Ebay think they need to compete with. As the biggest retrogaming site, I guess it's us.
15th September 2009 : Building Up for Xmas Rush - Item Target Raised!
Well, we're still as busy as ever, as we keep adding items to the site ready for the Christmas rush. For the next couple of weeks, we're moving away from classic computers, and back to consoles, with 100s of Nintendo and Sega games to be added. Those of you who are keeping count will see we added 1993 items to the site in the past eight week period. Tomorrow we'll go over the 14,000 different item mark (this total doesn't include multiples, we actually have well in excess of 20,000 games in stock). The increased target to get to 20,000 different items by Christmas is going to be tough, at our present rate we'll be at around 17,000, but we'll continue working hard, and see if we can get to our magical target.
If you're new to the site, where the heck have you been for the past eleven years! Hopefully you'll already agree, we've got the best selection of games on the net, keep in touch, cos it's gonna keep getting better...
11th August 2009 : Listing Frenzy Resumes

Back to the hard work, as we get ready to bombard the site with new items on our build up to Christmas. The target is still to have 15,000 different titles, not including multiples, on the site by the end of the year, but who knows we may do better!  Do keep checking the ‘Newly Added Items’ page for detailed lists of all the games added over the past eight weeks. Also note that if you don’t already have an account on the site, you won’t be able to use our PermaCart or Wishlist features. These allow you to keep an eye on items which are currently out of stock, and get notified when they are available again. Our wishlist has been improved this week, making it easier to tell your friends and family what you want for your birthday. Ok, back to the listing

31th July 2009:  Staff Holidays

Unfortunately, you have to let them have time off! You will experience a few delays with parcels from us over the coming week. Due to staff holidays, we plan to have just one post collection on Wednesday the 5th of August, then back to normal on the following Monday. This means if you order order over the weekend or on Monday or Tuesday, it's probable your parcel won't go out until Wednesday. I know, it's not that much of a delay, but when we're used to posting every day, it seems like a big change ;o)  All back to normal on Monday the 10th, with daily post collections.


30th June 2009:  New Picture Features!

Regular visitors will see that our picture viewing features have been updated today. You now get a larger thumbnail of the tiny additional thumbnails when you hover over them. Click while hovering, and they still zoom up to the full size pictures you're used to. The best news is that we've expanded our picture capability, and are now able to have up to fifteen pictures for each item. That means no more double ups, where one medium sized picture is added to another to create one picture. As soon as we get back to listing Handhelds or Hardware, we'll be adding more pictures than ever!

29th June 2009:  Rare Neo Geo and Playstation Update

It's going to be a big update week, with another couple of hundred games set to go live before the end of Friday. You may have already noticed the rare Neo Geo AES games we've added. Well, we're concentrating on UK Playstation for a few days, then we'll be moving on to other formats. We now have twelve and a half thousand live items, and it's going to be a challenge to hit fifteen thousand before Christmas - but we're gonna try!


12th June 2009:  New Additions Page Update -  now live

Now you can't say that we don't listen to our customers! Several people have mentioned how they didn't like the 'Recent Additions' page not showing the format for each game or item in the list. 

Well, some expensive web development later, we've got a completely revamped page. Now not only do all the items in the list have their format and section names with them, but they are split up into their categories. That means all the Nintendo or Sega (etc) items are listed together in sections on the page. There are even links at the top of the 'Recent Additions' page so you can just see the latest items added to your favourite format.  I'm sure you'll agree it's a huge improvement, and makes keeping up with all the newly listed items much easier


You may also have noticed that Magazine 'week' has continued now for two weeks. The good news is that we're nearly there, another fifty magazines and we'll have them all on. We were going to list the books after the magazines, but let's leave it a few weeks and carry on adding games for a while.


29th May 2009:  New Sections sneaking in

Well, we still haven't got to our magazine section, but eagle eyed watchers will have noticed a few new sections popping up on the site over recent weeks. First there was a Nintendo DS section, which i'm sure we all agree is non-retro, but hey, we aquired some interesting import games, and it made sense to add them to the site. Then the Xbox section which has very very slowly been growing recently. We've actually got a barrage of Xbox games to add, so this section will balloon soon.


In the past week we've added an Acorn Archimedes section (with the BBC/Electron stuff), full of games so rare, we didn't even know they existed! Finally, today we added a Sam Coupe section under the Sinclair heading, and there are lots more new sections coming over the next few weeks. Indeed, if you hadn't noticed, the site is growing faster than ever before, with 2500 new titles added since the new site went live at the end of March. With 1000 more games (and magazines) ready to be added in the next two weeks, this really is a boom time for Retrogames.


It's becoming apparent that many of the top collectors are checking into the site more often to browse the newly listed section. It's also clear that we need to organise this section so you know which format the games are for within it. This job is in hand, and we hope to have a revamped 'new additions' section in the coming months. Ok, back to work...


15th May 2009:  Magazine Week on the way

For the past couple of years, we've been promising to update our magazine and book section. Blimey, the Spectrum magazine section isn't even currently on the site! The good news is we're dedicating an entire week to sorting out our huge book and magazine inventory, and will be listing 100s of them soon. Crash, Sinclair User, C&VG, Your Spectrum, Your Sinclair, Edge Magazine, Ace, and lots more. Nothing takes you back more than looking at some of these old magazines again after all these years, so i'm sure lots of you will be pleased to see them. We've got about 500 games to list over the next week, then the magazines will start trickling onto the site. Phew, it's all hard work, no wonder there aren't any other sites putting the effort in ;oP


8th May 2009:  New Rant Content

We're still listing 100s of games, but this week we've also added some new content to our Online magazine section. There's a new Jace's Rant, only the second one since the new version of the site went live. There are new guest rants too, from the mysterious Rough Text, and the clinically insane 'Mad Gamer'.

1st May 2009:  Bob Monkhouse's Games Collection

Well, we've managed to hit our targets, well over 300 items added to the site every week, so that's over 1000 new items in the past three weeks. As promised last week, the batch of hardware we had ready has now been added, along with a few more handhelds, and lots more Playstation, Sega and Nintendo rarities.

If you check our latest items list, at the bottom you'll find a few MINT NES games. This is the start of an amazing collection we recently aquired, the video game collection of comedy legend Bob Monkhouse. While Bob was famous for his film collection, he actually started collecting games back in the late 1970s, after giving away an Intellivision on the quiz show, Celebrity squares.

Fitting with his superstar status, apparently he would walk into games shops, ask how many games they had for a particular format, then buy them all. The best news for us, is that he seldom actually played them. Get ready for some lovely games in really beautiful condition over the coming week. It's a great shame Bob isn't still around, not just because TV light entertainment isn't the same without him, but because i'm sure he'd be an avid Retrogames customer!

24th April 2009:  Handhelds, Amiga and Rare Sega

If you're keeping in touch with the site, WELL DONE!  Hopefully you'll have noticed that we're making good progress. We are currently averaging at well over 300 new items added per week. In the past week you'll have seen major updates to the following sections.


Handheld Games - LED/LCD/G&W/Other/Chess/Bargain
Amiga Games - All game genres
Sega Saturn - UK and a few Japanese
Sega Dreamcast - UK and a few USA
Plus other bits and pieces, Gameboy, SNES, N64, NES etc.

Next week we are listing some really nice Nintendo games, mainly SNES and N64, some Playstation 1 and 2 games, and then we're moving onto Hardware, which hasn't been updated for some time. Lots of computers, consoles, peripherals, controllers and spares.


8th April 2009 : Stock Updates

We're beavering away adding 100s more games to the site. This week has seen big updates to Atari ST , Commodore Amiga, Mattel Intellivision, and Neo Geo CD.

Next to be added in the coming week are Commodore 64, SNES, Megadrive and Handheld games.

1st April 2009 :  A few fixes and improvements, already!

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the new site, certainly pleased that in general everyone loves it. One big issue was that items needed to be clicked on to see whether they were in stock, the good news is that we now have an improved banner system, with items currently out of stock appearing in the thumbnail pages with 'Awaiting Stock' across the photos.
Another fix today is our newsletter request email system, which wasn't working properly and giving people errors. This now seems to be working 100%, so if it failed for your before, please do try again. Our first newsletters will be going out soon.
There is an issue which i've had a comment on regarding the 'newly added' pages. I agree it would be better if the format the items are for was displayed, and you weren't just relying on your knowledge looking through the photos. However, this is a bigger job, and i'd love some feedback on the subject before committing resources to it.
Ok, back to work. We will be adding around 500 more items into stock over the next week, so keep checking ;o)
27th March 2009 :  New Site Goes Live : The Improvements
Finally after many months of hard work, the brand new version of the website is live. If you didn't realise, well, you're looking at it now!
It's probably easier to list the bits which aren't improved than those that are, but here goes:
1: Customer Accounts
It is now possible to log into our site and have your own account, like you do on Amazon or Play. This gives you several new features as a buyer, including a Wish List where you can let friends know which items you want from the site for gifts, a Perma Cart where you can store your shopping cart indefinitely, and full access to your account history and previous orders. Through your account you can also be automatically notified when an 'out of stock' item comes back in.
2: Customer Reviews
Oh yes, finally you get all those comments about those games you love or hate off your chest, and let everybody see them! Registered customers will be able to review any product listed on the site, with top rated games being displayed in their own promotional box. While we've always tried to include information about our listings, additional reviews from passionate retrogamers will keep our listings interesting - even when the item is out of stock!
3: Customer Discounts
UK Customers will be familiar with reward card systems, basically registered customers will now earn points as they buy items, save up enough points, and you get credit against anything in store. It's as simple as that.
4: Quicker Thumbnail Searching
Our old site certainly wasn't terrible, but looking at lots of items on the same page was slow, primarily because of the size of the photos. Now we've shrunk our thumbnails, meaning they're quicker to display, and we can get more items on the page. If anyone isn't sure that this is a benefit, check out the Commodore 64 or Spectrum cassette sections, and then click to display 300 items per page. It's like a retro candy store!
5: Improved Pictures
This is an ongoing project, but one of the biggest benefits of the new site is improved photo quality. Simply click on the photos within an item listing, and they zoom up to actual size. Because we had to import our old photos, these do not enlarge for many of the current items, but as we add and replace with new items, you'll see that we will now have large (nearly full page) detailed photos of our games and hardware. And unlike other sites, we've decided not to watermark them. We have just left a small copywrite logo in the bottom corner. We're fully aware that photos of many of our stock items are very hard to find, so (desperately trying not to sound patronising) as a gift to the retro community, feel free to use any of our product photos in your own websites or projects, but only if you keep our copywrite at the bottom.
6: Improved Search Box
Finally our search box is on our front page, and it works better too. For some strange reason our old search box used to ignore certain products.
7: Groovy Design, and Faster response
We've also moved servers, hopefully giving the site a performance boost. We also hope you like the new funky design which of course is in the style of a groovy Game & Watch.
8: Intergrated Retrogames Online Magazine
The Online Magazine is now better intergrated into the rest of the site, and we've added some new features too, so if you haven't looked at this section for a while, check it out.
9: Newsletters,  Facebook and 'At a Glance'
Now you can share our products with your friends on Facebook, or submit them to Digg or Delicious with just a click of a button. We also include QR codes for all our products, but this Mobile Phone barcode style technology is so new that it has yet to take off outside of Japan. You'll also find an easy way of emailing products to friends, signing up for our newsletter updates, and recommending our site (if you'd be so kind ;o)
At the very bottom of the screen you'll find a breakdown of all our sections, making browsing even quicker if you know what you're looking for.
10: Finally a non-paypal Credit Card Option
This will be a relief to all our anti-paypal customers, and those overseas who have difficulty with the paypal site. We've signed up with Protx, the market leading secure internet payment handler, to add a proper credit card payment option. It handles all Visa, Visa Debit, Solo, Switch, Maestro, Mastercard, and Electron cards. 
Over the past three months we've been busy adding new items, like we would have been on the old site. This means you'll find more than a thousand new items. The biggest updates are in the following sections
BBC & Electron : Philips CDI : Amstrad CPC : Commodore 64 Cassette : Commodore 64 Disc :
Sega Master System : Nintendo NES : Sega Megadrive : Commodore Amiga : Dragon 32 : 
Commodore C16/+4 : USA Playstation : Dragon 32 : Atari ST : Mattel Intellivision

The beauty of our new 'New Additions' section is that you can search by week, so even if you haven't checked the site for more than a month, you can see what we've listed on a week by week basis. I'm sure for many this will be one of the greatest improvements.
Any comments on the new site would be very welcome at the usual email address,  Also contact us if you are having any problems using the site.

Now, back to work...
23.01.09 - New Logo Announced

Here is our new logo, which must be the fourth iteration since we started back in 1995. Hopefully you’ll agree it’s still instantly recognisable as us, but looks much brighter and smarter. The hope is that new visitors will find it easier to read.

We still have some fiddling to do, but we’re looking sure to launch the new look in the first week of February. This site will run as normal up until the minute we change over, so don’t panic if you order something on the old version and then it changes to the new one. All orders will be handled as normal, whichever site is live.

As part of the relaunch, i’m pleased to say we’ve added content to the Retrogames magazine for the first time in ages, with a couple of new guest writers, and lots more.

So, keep in touch with the site, in two weeks time, you’ll love it even more!

09.01.09 - New Year - New Look

Things are taking longer than expected with the new look site, we were hoping for the new look to launch by the end of January, but it’s more likely to be February now. If you’re currently thinking of ordering from us, and are worried that the site revamp may interfere with your purchase, please don’t. All orders are going out extremely quickly at the moment, in most cases people who order in the morning, are having the parcel arrive the next day. We’re planning an instant switch over when the new site is ready, and all orders will be processed as normal, whether on the new version of the site, or this one. The only downside, is that we are selling lots of items and not replacing them, so apologies for the number of ‘Out of Stock’ items currently listed, we’ll make up for it soon!

24.12.08 - Christmas Rush is over - now the hard work really starts!

Work on the new look retrogames is continuing, with a beta version now up and running on our server. There are quite a few things to fix, and add, so it’s still going to take some time to get everything working 100%. Because of the new layout, we’re now adding all new items onto the new site, so when it is ready to launch, there will also be a mammoth stock update at the same time.

Since we announced the upgraded site, a few of our customers have worried about the change, and it’s been quite heartwarming to find out how fondly the current site is regarded. Please don’t worry, the new site is an improvement, it will allow us to have better pictures, quicker searches, and more payment options. Most importantly, it is powerful enough to let us greatly expand our product numbers going into the future.

While the site is going to have a facelift, nothing else has changed, run by collectors for collectors, we’re still going to continue offering the same personal service, and fast delivery.

There will be more news soon, at the moment we’re hoping to have the switch over at the end of January, and will announce any dates on this page when we know more.

Thanks to all our amazing customers for their continued support, we couldn’t do it without you!

19.12.08 - UK Special Delivery for FREE until the 23rd

We’re a caring lot at Retrogames, and would hate for that special someone in your life to miss out on a fabulous retro gift. That’s why we’re offering free UK Special Delivery on all UK orders over £10 up until 1pm on the 23rd of December.

Due to post office holidays, our next posting day after the 23rd won’t be until the 2nd of January, but don’t worry, you can still order items from us over Christmas, we’ll still be working, just that the parcel won’t go out to you until the 2nd.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and customer for the amazing support we’ve had over the past year and we hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

15.12.08 - Frenzy Paused

We lasted as long as we could, but with the huge increase of orders over the Christmas period, something had to give. So for the first time since August, we have not had a Friday update this week. However, once Christmas is out of the way, normal service will resume.

We are still sending out parcels every day right up until the 23rd. If you require something in the UK for Christmas do bare in mind ordering before the 19th is safest. We will have to make extra postage charges for UK Special Delivery items ordered for Christmas on the 22nd and 23rd of December. They will be guaranteed to get to you by the 24th though!

And in case you’re wondering, work is continuing on our 2009 site facelift - watch this space!

05.12.08 - Handheld Games Update & Xmas Posting Dates

This week we’ve updated our Handheld section, and replaced a few of the classic tabletops we’d sold out of. Do get in quick if you’re interested in any of them, as they make great Christmas presents.

Talking of Christmas, the last day to get UK Parcels in time for Christmas, is the 19th of December according to the post office. We send parcels every day, but if you want to buy something as a present, it’s definitely a good idea to order before the 1pm on the 19th. We will still be posting after that, and Xmas gifts can still send on the 23rd of December via special delivery, but you’ll need to contact us and arrange it.

Ok, the updated sections this week are:

LED Handhelds
LCD Handhelds
Other Electronic Games

More handhelds and other stuff next week...

28.11.08 - Mixed Games Mega Update - Update Frenzy Extended!

This week’s update is mainly for games, though we’ve finished off the end of our hardware update this week aswell. There are a total of fifteen sections updated in total.

Those who are keeping in touch with the site will know we initially said our weekly series of updates would run up to the end of November, well the good news is we’ve been enjoying adding items weekly so much, that Friday updates will now continue right up to Christmas, and probably beyond.

Ok, this weeks full list of updated sections are:

Commodore Hardware
Teleng Colourstars
Atari Hardware
Sega Hardware
BBC / Electron Hardware
TV Games
Amiga Games (all sections)
Sega Mega CD UK
Sega Mega CD Japanese
Nintendo Memorabilia
Sega Memorabilia
Super Nintendo UK Boxed
Super Nintendo UK Unboxed
Neo Geo Pocket

More updates next Friday... probably handhelds....

21.11.08 - Third Week of Hardware Updates

Yes, it’s hardware again! We’re finally getting our hardware stock sorted now, and have added what will be the last batch of hardware for a while. The items spread through sixteen sections and include computers, consoles and peripherals. Most exciting are a really nice Odyssey 2, a Nintendo Power Glove, Boxed Commodore +4, An Atari VCS Game Selector and some unusual TV Games. The full list of updated sections are:

Philips Videopac Hardware
Playstation Hardware
Commodore Hardware
PC Engine
BBC Hardware
Nintendo Hardware
TV Games
Tandy TRS-80
Super Rare
Intellivision Hardware
Neo Geo
Neo Geo Pocket
Sega Hardware
Atari Hardware
Sinclair Hardware

I know we said the update frenzy would finish in November, but we’re getting into a nice routine now, so more updates next Friday...

18.11.08 - The BBC asks us to help find the ideal ‘Retro Family’

The search is on to find a family to travel back to the dawn of the digital age that was 1970 for a new television series. The programmes will look at the impact that technology has had on family life over the past 40 years. The makers of Edwardian Country House, Who Do You Think You Are and New Tricks are looking for a family to take part in a unique living history experience for BBC FOUR.

The three part series will take a modern British family back to the 1970s and then fast forward them through the domestic technological revolution of the 1980s and the 1990s… right up to the present day.

In the 1970s the family will experience life without the technology we’ve begun to take for granted; they’ll live a seventies life in a seventies house without Sky +, Facebook and the Wii, the 1980s will bring ever-advancing computers and changes in the kitchen that promised to make life easier and the 90s will see even more change within the home.  Once the family have navigated their way through ‘90s life they’ll be transported through the Noughties and arrive back in the here and now. We’ll ask what lessons they’ve learnt regarding the role of technology in family life and their attitude to the transformation of their home since 1970.

The series will chart the technological revolution of the past 40 years and assess the impact these changes have had on an everyday British family. By the end of the experiment, the family will have experienced almost 40 years of technological change in a short space of time; they’ll have an unparalleled insight into how much our lives, homes and relationships have been influenced by technology.

Are you a home-owning family with at least two children between the ages of eight and eighteen? Are you keen to show your children how much life has changed since your childhood? Are you interested in modern history and how technology has transformed the family home? Or maybe you’re looking for a challenging but rewarding nostalgia trip? For more details on this exciting opportunity, please contact either Michael Fraser on 020 7241 9349, or Laura Jackson on 020 7241 9308 or email, and tell them Retrogames sent you ;o)

14.11.08 - More Hardware and BRAND NEW Section

Today sees us add yet more hardware, machines and peripherals. We’ve also added the first new section for a very long time, called Super Rare. To those not familiar with us, Super Rare harks back to a regular section we used to have in the Retrogames magazine, which covered the rarest and most unusual consoles and games. And that, is exactly what the section is for now. There’s not much in it yet, but it is set to grow as we start getting more exotic machines into stock.

Anyway, the full list of updated sections this week are:

Atari Hardware
Teleng Colourstars
Nintendo Hardware
Dragon 32
Commodore Hardware
Sega Hardware
BBC Hardware
Epoch Cassette Vision
Sinclair Hardware
Playstation Hardware
Super Rare

More updates next week...

07.11.08 - Hardware Update

The update frenzy continues, this week we’re back onto hardware, with some beautiful Sega and Nintendo consoles and peripherals added. There are a lot more hardware sections with updates too. The complete list of updated sections are:

Sega Hardware
Nintendo Hardware
Commodore Hardware
Sinclair Hardware
Playstation Hardware
Colecovision Hardware
Neo Geo
Dragon 32
Vectrex Hardware
Philips CDi Hardware
BBC/Electron Hardware

Still more hardware to add over the coming week, so we may even have an additional mid-week update on Tuesday or Wednesday!

31.10.08 - Clear Out Mega Collection!

We are so over stocked at the moment, that we are having our first ever Mega Clear Out, with a huge mountain of consoles, computers and games up for grabs in a single ebay auction.

More updates coming soon...

24.10.08 - Sega Update Part 3 & Retrogames 2.0

This week’s update is a bit smaller than most weeks, with just one section updated, but it’s a great update with lots of really nice Japanese Sega Saturn games added, as with the Megadrive, in MINT condition. The updated sections are:

Japanese Sega Saturn
Shooting Games
Fighting Games
Platform Games
Driving Games
Other Arcade Games
Role Playing and adventure
Sports Games

Did you know that this site, , is actually older than google, going live in early 1998. Well, you may have seen the first reference to 2.0 on the front page of the site. Yes, it’s true, we’re currently starting work on a completely new look for the site (again!). Don’t worry, all the stock will still be the same, but we’ll have a new menu system, and much faster uploads between pages. As the site has grown in its current form, it has started to grind and slow, with many users experiencing frustrating delays waiting for pages to appear. It’s a priority for all our friends and customers to be able to use this site with ease, so it will be really nice to resolve these issues.

As regular readers will know, the site is now growing at a faster rate than ever before, and the new shop software will allow us to expand towards our next 20,000 item goal without worry of it all grinding to a halt. More news in the coming weeks. Don’t worry, when we do upgrade the site, it will be with practically zero downtime, one minute it will be the old look, the next the new.

This will be the fourth major face lift for the retrogames site, and probably not the last, so here’s to another ten years of retrogaming, and huge thanks to all our customers and friends, without your support, we just couldn’t keep improving.

17.10.08 - Mother of all Sega Updates Part 2

As promised and on time, the huge Japanese Sega Mega Drive and Genesis update has just gone live. We’ve had to add three entirely new sections to put them all in, and added a whole new page of Genesis. There are games in this update we’ve never had in stock before, including many rarities, and all in immaculate, no, perfect condition. The updated sections are:

Japanese Sega Mega Drive
Movie & TV Games (New Section)
Shooting Games (2nd Page added)
Fighting Games
Platform Games (New Section)
Driving Games (New Section)
Other Arcade Games
Role playing and Adventure
Strategy & Puzzle
Sports Games
Sega Genesis (3rd Page added)

The final part of our three week Sega update is heading for the site next Friday, including Saturn, Dreamcast and Game Gear. Remember to bookmark us, and check us each week...

10.10.08 - Mother of all Sega Updates!

Another huge leap in stock this week, with a ridiculously huge Sega update. This update is so big, it’s going to be added to the site over a three week period. Today sees the Sega Mega Drive and Master System updated. Next week we’ll move on to Japanese Mega Drive and Genesis, with the third week adding Saturn, Dreamcast and hardware. The biggest collection of Sega games available on the internet is set to double!

We’ve added over 500 Megadrive and Master System games this week, many in truly MINT condition.  These are without doubt the most perfect examples of these games we’ve ever seen - so don’t miss them. Many sections have had whole pages of stock added. If you’ve been looking for a particular title for ages, there is a great probability that it is now in stock. The updated sections are:

UK Sega Mega Drive
Movie & TV
Shooting Games
Platform Games
Driving Games
Fighting Games
Simulation Games
Arcade Games
Role Playing and Adventure
Strategy Games
Sports Games

UK Sega Master System
Movie & TV
Shooting Games
Platform Games
Driving Games
Fighting Games
Simulation Games
Arcade Games
Role Playing and Adventure
Strategy Games
Sports Games

See you next Friday for more Sega Rarities...

03.10.08 - Another HUGE Nintendo Update

The update frenzy continues, this week we’re back to Nintendo, adding over 300 games in total. This update also includes the Game & Watch section, which now includes over 100 games in stock - the most we’ve ever had in our thirteen year history.

Have you noticed how other retro sites keep all their ‘sold’ items in their listings to boost their numbers? More often than not there are more sold items in a section than available games! While it is inevitable that we have some items listed as sold on the site, we do try and prune out the sold items as we update, meaning you’ll always find 1000s more games in stock than on any other site. Ok, enough of the ranting, and on with the updates. The updates sections are:

UK NES - Boxed (this section is now so big it has been seperated into game types)
UK NES Unboxed
US NES (both boxed and unboxed games added)
UK Super Nintendo Boxed (Lots of additions, and again, section now so big it has been seperated into types)
UK Super Nintendo Unboxed
US Super Nintendo Boxed (An additional page of games added)
US Super Nintendo Unboxed
N64 UK Boxed
Original Gameboy - Almost doubled in size, with new pages added.
Gameboy Color
Gameboy Advance
Game & Watch
Nintendo Memorabilia

See you all next Friday, and if you’re a Sega fan, prepare to get very excited!

26.09.08 - Update Frenzy Week 5 - HARDWARE UPDATE

Probably the nastiest of all the sections to update, as we bench test all the machines and hardware we list. To many, sitting for days on end plugging in power supplies and loading games might sound like fun, but it’s not quite so nice when you have to pull the plug as soon as you’ve checked everything is working!

This is our biggest hardware update this year, adding over 100 Consoles, Computers, Peripherals, Joypads, and other odd things to the Hardware sections. The complete list of updated sections are:

Nintendo Hardware
Commodore Hardware
Sega Hardware
Atari Hardware
Sinclair Hardware
Playstation Hardware
Intellivision Hardware
Colecovision Hardware
TV Games
BBC/Electron Hardware
Acetronic Hardware
Amstrad GX4000

The frenzy continues next Friday.....

19.09.08 Update Frenzy Week 4 - Huge Sinclair Update

One of favourite formats has had a huge update uploaded within the last hour, adding hundreds of games for ZX Spectrum. Because the section is broken up into manufacturer order, to give you a list of all the updated sections would be too difficult, as more have been updated than haven’t. I’m afraid, you’ll just have to have a good look through all the sections to find the added games, but rest assured, there are lots of rarities and restocks, and lots of price drops too.

We’ll keep what’s heading for next week’s update under wraps for now, but rememer to check us out (at least) every Friday night!

12.09.08 - Stock Frenzy Week 3 - CD32 / Jag / Amiga / Playstation / 3DO

A variety of formats have been given the update treatment this week. Most notable are the CD32 and Jaguar, as we don’t get as much stock for these formats as we’d like. The Playstation has had a big boost too, while there’s more Amiga games and a few 3DO additions too. The complete list of updated sections are:

Playstation 1 Japanese
Playstation 1 USA
Playstation 1 UK
Playstation 2 USA
Playstation 2 UK
Atari Jaguar
Commodore CD32
Commodore Amiga (all sub-sections)

More updates this time next week, 19th of September. Most likely Spectrum, but depends which formats get finished first!

05.09.08 - Stock Frenzy Week 2 - Huge Sega Update

Well, the frenzy is now two weeks in, and the stock is still flowing into the site. This week we’ve been concentrating on the Sega formats, with hundreds of games added, and some much needed additions to our hardware section. The complete list of updated sections are:

Sega Hardware
Sega Megadrive UK (all sub sections)
Sega Genesis
Mega CD UK
Sega Saturn UK
Sega Dreamcast UK
Sega Dreamcast US
Sega Dreamcast Japanese

More updates this time next week (12th Sept)

29.08.08 Stock Update Frenzy - Huge Nintendo Update

As the run up to Christmas begins, we’re getting ready by getting all our non-listed stock completely online in time for the rush. This means adding several thousand more games to the site, and means we’re going to commit to weekly updates, right through to the end of November. If all goes to plan, we’ll be adding 100s of games every week, making Retrogames the only site worth checking regularly for new ‘old’ games.

This week’s update is for Nintendo formats, and has been brewing for a while. You’ll find a huge boost in NES games (which were omitted from our last Nintendo update), Super Nintendo, Gameboy and Nintendo 64. The full list of updated sections are:

Nintendo Hardware
Nintendo NES UK Boxed
Nintendo NES UK Unboxed
Super Nintendo UK Boxed
Super Nintendo UK Unboxed
US Super Nintendo Boxed
Nintendo Gameboy
Nintendo Gameboy Color
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nintendo 64 UK Boxed
Nintendo 64 UK Unboxed
Nintendo 64 USA Boxed
Nintendo 64 Japanese
Nintendo Gamecube UK

13.08.08 - Atari ST & Commodore Amiga Update

The most popular UK 16-bit machines have had 100s of games added to their sections. There are now even more style sections too, including Amiga platformers, and Atari ST Utilities. There are loads of rarities and sought after titles, including Dungeon Master, Pirates! and Ultima games.

14.07.08 - Sega Update & Content Added

Our latest update is to the Sega section, primarily the Megadrive section, but many others have been updated too. The complete list of sections updated is:

Sega Megadrive
Sega Genesis
Sega Master System
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast UK
Sega Saturn UK

We have also updated the ‘Magazine’ section of the site, with a new article by Sean Kavanagh about the Vic20, a new Jace’s Rant, and a few other little updates.

13.06.08 - Handheld Update Goes Live - Finally!

Of all the updates, Handhelds have to be the hardest work. Each game requires multiple pictures from different angles, which then need to be edited into strips. Each game needs to be properly tested, and then there is the level of detail required for each game’s condition, a couple of us in the office judging each box or insert before giving it a grade out of 10. It may all sound like good fun, and to some extent it is, but it’s also a big relief to get this huge update finally uploaded.

OK, first, what’s not included. I’m afraid we still haven’t added our often promised ‘Robots & Vehicles’ section, but it’s still something we hope to add before the end of the year. We’ve also been toying with adding a non-electronic board game section, but again, its will have to wait.

Now, what has been added is pretty impressive, nearly doubling the amount of available handheld games on the site. Some of the games are particularly immaculate, and some are particularly rare, so there are quite a lot of expensive items, but we hope you’ll still enjoy having a good look at them. There is also a completely new section, ‘Handheld Bargains’, which has games and spares all at £10 or less. There’s not much in it yet, but we hope to have an additional update in the next week or so, just to top this section up.

Ok, the updated sections are:

LED Handhelds - Two additional pages of games, and loads of re-stocks of games sold out.
LCD Handhelds - Two additional pages of games, and again, loads of re-stocks.
Game & Watch - Previously updated as part of our Nintendo update, but more items have been added.
Calculators - Loads more added, including some interesting Casio and Commodore units.
Chess Machines - A few additions
Other Electronic - This section has more than doubled in size, with loads more interesting items.
Bargain Handhelds - Our new bargain section.

Phew, more updates very soon.

21.05.08 - Nintendo Update Goes Live

Finally our long overdue Nintendo update has just gone live. It includes many rare and exciting games, and makes the Nintendo section the biggest it has ever been. Those of you patiently waiting for the promised giant handheld update will be pleased to see the Game & Watch section has been included as part of this Nintendo update too. The sections with the biggest additions are:

Nintendo Hardware
Super Nintendo (Boxed and Unboxed)
US Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64 (Mainly UK, Boxed and Unboxed)
Gamecube (UK, US and Jap)
Nintendo Gameboy (Big update to all three sections)
Nintendo Game & Watch (Over fifty G&W Added)

Other smaller updates and sold stock removal in these sections:

Nintendo NES (all sections)
Nintendo Famicom
Nintendo Super Famicom

Handheld update is definitely the next one to go live, and i’m sure it will be well worth the wait! ;o)

09.05.08 - Hardware Updates Go Live

They’ve been a long time coming, our Hardware sections have been crying out for an update for months. Well finally we’ve updated all the sections, bringing over a hundred new consoles, computers, peripherals and spares to the site. The full list of updated sections is:

Atari Hardware
Commodore Hardware
Sinclair Hardware
Nintendo Hardware
Sega Hardware
Playstation Hardware
Colecovision Hardware
Intellivision Hardware
Teleng Colourstars

More Updates coming Soon.

16.04.08 - HUGE Commodore Update

I know what you’re thinking, another Commodore update!! Why do those Commodore fans get so spoilt! Don’t worry, we’ll be concentrating on other formats for the next updates. If you are a Commodore fan though, then you’ll be pleased to hear this is the biggest single update we’ve ever done on the section. We have spent the past two weeks adding literally Hundreds of games, both on C64 Disc and Cassette. There are lots of rarities too, in fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll find at least one game you’ve never seen before!

There are new sections to handle the increase in C64 Discs, including Fighting, Driving, Shooting and Platform sections. Meanwhile these C64 Cassette sections have been added to:

The Edge : Sega / USG : Tymac : Anirog : Live Wire : Ariolasoft : Terminal : Epyx : Lucasarts : Imagine : Cosmi : Scorpio : Supersoft : Llamasoft : Electric Dreams : Softek : CRL : Krypton Force : Firebird : Software 64 : Interceptor : System 3 : US Gold : Romik : Virgin : Level 9 : Anirog : Artic : Bug Byte : Melbourne House : Atari / USG : EA : Richard Shepherd : Gremlin : Micromega : Capcom / USG : Elite : Audiogenic : Adventure International : Microdeal : New Generation : Alligata : Domark : Quicksilva : Ocean : Activision : Hewson : Other Formats (now four pages!) : Task Set : Incentive : English : Commodore : Microprose : Imagine : Epyx : Plus Brand new C64 Budget Game section.

More Updates Soon!!

30.03.08 - Jace’s Rant in Retrogamer
Great news, Jace’s first printed Rant has just gone out in issue 49 of Retrogamer. The long running ‘Rant’ series has been running on the Retrogames site since 1999, but this is the first time the feature has gone into print. This month he covers some weird packaging, and hopefully the article will also be published on this site in the future.

If you have seen, and enjoyed the feature in issue 49, and would like Jace to get more space in the magazine, do write or email and let them know ;o)

24.03.08 - Atari 800 Update

Check out our new and huge update of the Atari 800 section, which has now nearly doubled in size. It includes rare and exciting games on Cassette, Cartridge and Disc.

There is also a new feature in the Magazine section of the site, as Sean Kavanagh returns to remind us how disappointing the Amstrad GX4000 is.

More Updates coming soon.

18.03.08 - RARE Formats Update

Our Updates are picking up the pace, with another huge update just going live. We plan to have a couple more big updates before the end of the month too!

This update finally adds games to all the empty format sections on the site. If that wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve also added a whole load of new sections for more hard to find machines. These are the extra formats now  available in the ‘Other Formats’ Section:

Texas TI99
Grundig Interton
Fairchild Channel F
Epoch Cassette Vision
Teleng Colourstars
Sharp MZ-700
Tandy TRS-80

We’ve also added a whole new sub-directory to the Handheld section. This is titled ‘ Handheld Consoles ‘ and includes links to the Atari Lynx and Gameboy sections, plus a plethora of new rare handheld console formats. All have games listed in them, though some sections are bigger than others. These new sections are:

Bandai WonderSwan
Cheetah Gamate
MB Microvision
Neo Geo Pocket
Quickshot SuperVision (Huge section!)

Stay tuned for more updates very soon!

13.03.08 - Huge Spectrum Update

Just because it’s been a quiet couple of weeks, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. The huge Spectrum update we have been promising is just going live now as I write. Not only is it the biggest update we’ve done this year, with literally hundreds of new games added, but it also makes our Spectrum section the best it has ever been in our long history. There are many rare games which have never been in stock before, so even if you don’t actually collect Spectrum games - it’s well worth a look as you’re bound to see games you’ve never seen before.

As well as two whole new pages to the ‘Other Companies’ section, there are over 70 updates to the individual manufacturer sections. The updated Spectrum sections in no particular order are:

Quicksilva : D&H : Artic : Automata : Vortex : Domark : Silver Soft : Mikro Gen : Odin : Gremlin : Ocean : Audiogenic : Firebird : Virgin : TV Games : Piranha : Ultimate : The Edge : Hewson : CRL : Melbourne House : CCS : US Gold : Imagine : Blaby : CDS : Software Projects : Scorpio : Lothlorien : Activision : DK’Tronics : Leisure Genius : Incentive : Terminal : Goliath : Infogrammes : Postern : Addictive : Protek : Atarisoft : Softek : Carnell : Gilsoft : Gargoyle : Richard Shepherd : Martech : Alligata : Electric Dreams : Accolade : Digital Integration : Ariolasoft : Arcade : Mirrorsoft : Visions : Elite : US Gold/Sega : US Gold : New Generation : Palace : Micromega : Argus Press : Level 9 : Cascade : Thor : Kryptronic : Other Companies : PSS : Bug Byte : Interceptor : Epyx : Konami.

I may have missed a couple too i’m afraid, so it’s probably worth checking all the Spectrum sections if you’re a collector. There’s more good news too, as 100s of games have also been reduced in price. Our prices have always been based on rarity, so as we have more stock available, the prices do drop. You’ll even find a couple of games for a pound if you search hard enough.

Not only has the Spectrum section been updated, but we’ve finally added some games to the ‘Other Sinclair’ section. Not many, but it’s a start. You’ll also find an entirely new section, Sinclair Bargains. This section is primarily for job lots, and budget games, but who knows what will end up in there in time!

So, i’m afraid still no Sinclair magazine and book sections, but we do hope to finally get them added to the site before the end of the year.
28.02.08 - Retrogames becomes Retrogamer Partner

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed our banner recently on the Retro Gamer website. Well, the good news is that Imagine publishing have asked us to be their official partner, so you’ll be seeing more of us in the magazine. This will include our logos at the top of the marketplace section at the back of the magazine, and some more exciting stuff which we’ll announce later.

Regular followers of this site will know that we started back in 1995 as a magazine for collectors of videogames. When Retro Gamer first came out in 2004 it sounded the death knell to our own magazine, as its quality and size was completely incomparable. In many ways Retro Gamer was exactly the magazine we’d wanted and dreamed of producing. On the plus side, we did feature a little in both the original Live publishing and Imagine publishing versions of Retro Gamer. However this new partnership moves us closer together, and as the only retailer retro gamer recommends, it should help add additional thrust and credibility to our brand and shop.

In other news, a new Jace’s Rant has also gone live today.

23.02.08 - Sega Update Goes Live
Our first console update of the year sees hundreds of Megadrive games added to our site, including many rarities. There are more updates in the Sega section too, the complete list of updated sections is:

Sega Megadrive (all game types)
Sega Master System (most game types)
Sega Genesis
Japanese Megadrive
UK Dreamcast

More updates are coming soon...

18.02.08 - Commodore Update Complete

Commodore fans may have noticed additional games miraculously appearing within the Commodore section over the past couple of weeks. Well, not we’re done, and our latest Commodore update has just gone live.

This includes updates to the Commodore Disc sections, and another Commodore Amiga update. The biggest part though is an update to the Commodore cassette section, with 100s of games added. The complete list of updated sections is:

Commodore 64 Disc (all sections apart from Utilities)
Commodore Amiga (all section apart from Utilities)
Commodore Cassette - Company sections added are:

Atari / US Gold
Sega / US Gold
US Gold
Melbourne House
Electric Dreams
**Other Companies**
Mind Games
The Edge
Level 9
System 3
Software Projects

04.02.08 - Retrogames In Loaded

Those familiar with lad mag ‘Loaded’ may be pleased to see we were featured in their ‘Right Stuff’ section. The focus was on our electronic handheld games, and to celebrate we’ve just finished an update to the section.

You’ll find several exciting new LED and ‘Other’ Electronic games in the sections, as well as a return of a few favourites into stock, including Grandstand Astro Wars, MB Simon, and the mighty Speak & Spell.

While the extra publicity is great, perhaps the Loaded readership may be looking for an entirely different kind of handheld entertainment!pleased to see we were featured in their ‘Right Stuff’ section. The focus was on our electronic handheld games, and to celebrate we’ve just


Retro Hub Update

We are pleased to welcome Sean Kavanagh to the Retrogames hub, with the first of his ‘8-Bit Graveyard’ features. It’s short and sweet, but funny, and his writing style blends well with the rest of the site. If anyone has any comments, or wants to try their hand at writing a feature, do email us.


Commodore Disc Update

Hot on the heels of our Amiga update comes a big Commodore Disc update, lots of new and exciting games have been added, many with multiple pictures.

More updates very soon. .


Finally a New Stock Update

It’s been an incredibly busy January, but we’re finally back to normal, and our first stock update of the year has just gone live. This is an update to the Commodore Amiga section, we hope to add another Commodore update before the end of the week.

As ever, keep in touch with this page for the latest updates, or email us if you want to be contacted when a particular format is updated.


New Year Updates + NEW Rant

We’ve been so busy during December that there have been no updates to the site. Apologies to everyone who’s missed them. The good news is that in the new year normal service will be resumed, with hundreds of new games ready to add.

Just when you thought he’d never rant again, Jaces Rant returns to sum up the year. 


Christmas Rush

The Christmas rush is upon us, and we are working really hard, making sure all our orders get out incredibly quickly, meaning you get your parcels well in time for Christmas.

This increased level of sales has left a few holes in the inventory, Megadrive games are flying out, and we’ve now sold all NES/SNES/Megadrive hardware. The good news is that we will be adding new stock next week, with some more Megadrive and Nintendo games now waiting to go on. Earlier this week, we re-stocked a hundred or so Spectrum games which had previously sold out. New titles will be added in a huge update soon.

Sorry to anyone who has missed out on an item during the sales rush, but rest assured, in the new year we’ll be working hard not only to re-build our depleted stocks, but to add even more rare and ex
citing games.


Bigger Update - Lots More Games

We are working hard loading the site with games and machines, so while this is our busiest sales period, hopefully you’ll still be able to find lots of interesting items. Today we’ve just uploaded updates to a huge variety of sections. The updated sections are:

Sega Hardware
Nintendo Hardware
Gameboy Advance
Original Gameboy
Super Nintendo Unboxed
Super Nintendo Boxed
NES Unboxed
Saturn Japanese
USA Playstation 1
JAP Playstation 1
JAP Playstation 2
Neo Geo
Commodore 64 Disc
Atari VCS/2600 Boxed
Atari VCS/2600 Unboxed

We are currently working hard to get parcels out as quickly as possible, to avoid getting them held up in the Christmas rush. We can also send special delivery and priority registered airmail overseas. While last posting dates for Christmas are announced in the next few weeks, most years we manage to get parcels delivered to buyers right up to the last week.


General Update - More Hardware

More hardware added today, the updated sections are:

Sinclair Hardware
Commodore Hardware
Sega Hardware
Atari Hardware


General Update - Handheld & Hardware

Another update, as the sales boom continues. We’re struggling to keep up with demands on hardware, but have managed to get a few nice consoles added to the site today, as well as a few important handhelds. Updated sections are:

Atari Hardware
Nintendo Hardware
LED Handhelds
Other Electronic Games


General Update - Atari Lynx & Neo Geo

Todays update includes games and hardware for Atari Lynx and some more Neo Geo Carts. The updated sections are:

Atari Lynx
Atari Hardware
Neo Geo
Nintendo 64 US


General Update - Playstation & 3DO

Another update today, this time on mainly on 3DO and Playstation. The updated sections are:

UK Playstation One
Japanese Playstation One
UK Playstation Two
Sega Hardware

More updates soon.


General Update - Sales Rush

Today we have just uploaded the first of several general updates coming up in the next few days. This one is primarily for Nintendo formats, adding lots more games and removing sold items. The updated sections are:

Super Nintendo Boxed
Super Nintendo Unboxed
Nintendo NES Boxed
Nintendo NES Unboxed
Nintendo Hardware
Commodore CD32

Over the years Retrogames has tended to build stock throughout the year, and then sell larger quantities in the last couple of months. Sales are already picking up in the run up to Christmas, with many of our consoles selling in the past couple of weeks.

If you’re looking to buy games or machines for Christmas, I would say to save disappointment later, buy them as soon as possible. We have currently sold out of NES consoles, and only a couple of Super Nintendos are left. While we are hoping to have a few more consoles listed before Christmas, its likely that these will not be around for long. If you are looking for a particular machine or game, it is always worth emailing so we can alert you when stock is available.


Email Problem & Site Problems now Fixed

We have now fixed the problem we had with our email messaging, so everything should be back working as normal. If you encounter any problems at all with the site, do let me know, as it’s often hard to find faults without customer feedback.

If you’ve been effected by these problems, huge apologies, and thanks for your patience.


Site Problems Sorted But New Email Problems

Well, thankfully the site is back up to speed, and all the sections are working. However, we currently have a problem with our SMTP email server. It isn’t emailing confirmations of orders, and I am not getting any emails sent through the site message system. Orders are still being processed fine, and I am personally emailing all buyers. However, if you’ve sent a question in the past 24 hours, we haven’t receieved it. If you can email directly at we’ll get straight back to you.

In the meantime we’re working with our service provider to fix the problem with emails, and i’ll keep everyone updated through this news page.


Some Site Problems

We currently have some problems with the shop part of the website, it’s either running very slowly or giving dead pages. Please be patient, we are trying to fix the problems with our server. Normal service should be resumed very shortly.

Thanks for your patience.


NEW Playstation Section Complete

Finally the Playstation gets a dedicated area. It may not match the quantity of formats as Sega or Nintendo, but we have introduced dedicated sections for Playstation formats and added hundreds of games and hardware items. The new sections are. There is a new Playstation Bemani section, especially for those fantastic Japanese music games. There are splits in the Japanese PS1 and PS2 sections, as they bulge with new stock. Now they are divided by category like other big sections.


Amiga Update
An update to the Amiga section has just gone live. Not only does it add around 25% more games to the section, but we’ve finally put the section into order with different sections for each game type. All are pretty big sections, particularly Adventure and Role playing games categories.


MASSIVE Sega Update Goes Live

As promised, our huge Sega update has gone live today. There are over 500 new games and hardware items to be found, as well as new sections for Sega Memorabilia and Sega Magazines. The complete list of updated sections is:

Sega Hardware
Sega Master System (all sub categories)
Sega UK Megadrive (all sub categories)
Sega Genesis
Sega Japanese Megadrive (Big Update - New sub-sections added)
Sega Game Gear Boxed
Sega Game Gear Unboxed
Sega Mega CD Japanese
Sega Saturn UK
Sega Saturn Japanese (Big Update - New sub-sections added)
Sega Dreamcast UK
Sega Dreamcast US
Sega Dreamcast Japanese
Other Sega
Sega Magazines
Sega Memorabilia


MASSIVE Nintendo Update Goes Live

We have said it before, but this really is the biggest section update so far. It’s taken a lot of work, so please do check it out. In particular the updated Hardware section has some really interesting items, and the new Nintendo Memorabilia section is a lot of fun too. The addition of Gamecube is something we’ve pondered on for a while. With Playstation 2 already on the site, this is the second of the previous generation consoles to be added. I guess now we’ll have to consider opening an Xbox section.

There are a total of twelve new sections, these are:

Super Famicom Boxed Strategy Games
Super Famicom Boxed Shoot-em-up
Nintendo Gameboy
Nintendo Gameboy Color
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nintendo Virtual Boy
Nintendo Gamecube UK
Nintendo Gamecube US
Nintendo Gamecube Japan
Nintendo Books and Magazines
Nintendo Memorabilia & Toys

Of course, its not just the games in these sections which are new, we’ve updated virtually every other Nintendo section too, with over 500 new items! The updated sections are:

Nintendo Hardware
Nintendo NES Boxed
Nintendo NES Unboxed
Famicom Boxed
Famicom Unboxed
Super Nintendo UK Boxed
Super Nintendo UK Unboxed (All sub categories)
US Super Nintendo Boxed
US Super Nintendo Unboxed
Super Famicom Boxed
Super Famicom Unboxed
Nintendo 64 UK Boxed
Nintendo 64 UK Unboxed
Nintendo 64 US
Nintendo 64 Jap

Sega fans, don’t feel cheated. The ‘Huge Update’ is heading to your section next, and it looking to be even bigger than the Nintendo one! For More news keep an eye on this page.


Vectrex Section Finally Added!

That most popular of retro consoles finally gets its section opened. Thankfully it was worth the wait, as it is the biggest section we’ve ever had for the Vectrex.  

Only a few empty sections left now, of which ‘Other Sinclair’ is the most obvious. Some other sections, like Interton, TI99 and Hanimex only include hardware so far, Fairchild is also waiting patiently. More updates soon.

Nintendo Update
This isn’t the big Nintendo update we’ve been planning, but just something to keep you going until that update is complete. We’ve updated the unboxed cartridge sections for SNES, N64 and NES, removing the sold items and adding fresh stock. There are nearly a hundred new cartridges added, so it’s well worth a look. The updated sections are:

Super Nintendo UK/Euro Unboxed (all categories)
Super Famicom Unboxed
Super Nintendo UK/Euro Boxed
Nintendo NES UK/Euro Unboxed (all categories)
Nintendo 64 Unboxed

And keep in touch Nintendo fans, more updates coming soon.


Revamped and Updated Commodore Section!
Regular visitors to this page will probably think we’ve been resting on our laurels for a couple of weeks, but in fact we have been beavering away on the biggest section update yet.

The Commodore section has been vastly improved. These are the biggest changes.

1: The C64 Cassette section has been separated and sorted by Company, like the Spectrum
games section. You have no idea how much work this was to do! Hopefully it will make the section far
easier to browse through.

2: The Commodore 64 Disc section has more than doubled in size. 100s more games, and lots more
items with multiple pictures so you can really get a good look.

3: The Commodore Books and Magazine section has been added. This features a huge range of
classic reading material, from Zzap! and CU Amiga to educational books and manuals.

The full list of updated and new sections is:

Commodore 64 cassette
Commodore 64 Disc
Commodore 64 Cartridge (also doubled in size)
Commodore Vic 20
Commodore Amiga
Commodore CD32
Commodore Books
Commodore Zzap! Magazines
Commodore Format Magazines
Other Commodore Magazines

In total there are over 400 new items added to the section, so get in quick before someone else grabs all the best stuff!

So, with the first Book and Magazine section now complete, I guess we better get on with adding magazine sections for the other formats. If all goes to plan, Nintendo will be the next section to be updated and refreshed.


Huge Atari Update - We’re Making Progress!

Apologies for the three week delay between updates. The next update will be quicker! Our new update concentrates on Atari, and updates all the Atari formats, adding hundreds more games. It also pushes the number of different items on the site to just over 6000. We’re far from finished though, there’s always tons more to add! The updated sections are:

Atari VCS Boxed
Atari VCS Unboxed
Atari 7800
Atari 400/800 Cassette
Atari 400/800 Disc
Atari 400/800 Cartridge Boxed
Atari 400/800 Cartridge Unboxed
Atari Jaguar
Atari Lynx
Atari ST

And while i’m writing... Thanks to everyone who has written with such warm words of support, and appreciation of the site. I really appreciate it, and whether you choose to buy from us or not, i’m just glad it helps bring back such good memories. Let the gaming continue...


Huge Handheld Update

I realise it doesn’t look like we’ve been very busy lately, but the opposite is true. With the site getting almost full we have been concentrating on marketing. You may have seen our full page ad in Retrogamer magazine, and our increased profile on Google. The more visitors we get, the more we can grow.

The updated Handheld section has just gone live. It is so big, it has added two completely new (and full) pages, one for LED Handhelds and one for LCD Handhelds. There are additions in the ‘Other Electronic’ section too.

Because of the multiple pictures, Handheld updates take the longest of all (along with hardware). Even if you don’t want to buy anything like that, or don’t collect those kind of games, it’s well worth a look as its pretty brilliant!! (thought I say it myself).


Videopac, CDi, Acetronic, Other Sega, Grandstand -
All Go Live Today!

Another big update adds five new sections to the site. The Philips Videopac was one of the bigger sections left to list (not counting the magazines and books), including boxed and unboxed games. Philips CDi, Videopac and Acetronic sections also include information about the machines. In the case of the confusing Acetronic, this may be vital to connect your console to the correct cartridge type.

Other Sega includes SC3000 software. We hope to add some SG1000 and Mark 2 games soon.

Click these links to go straight to the new sections:
Philips Videopac
Philips CDI
Other Sega
More updates soon...


Famicom Finished and Calculators Added

Unboxed Famicom games have now been added, completing the Famicom section, and indeed, the current Nintendo section. That said, Gameboy still has to be added, it is currently part of the handheld section but is set to move. Also Virtual Boy and Gamecube sections are in the works.

Calculators have finally been added to the site. We do have a few more to add, but these will be part of the ‘Huge’ handheld update we have planned for the month ahead.

It’s probably been the biggest month for updates so far this year, June has seen the following sections added to the site:

Amstrad CPC
Amstrad GX4000
Mattel Intellivision
Commodore C16/+4
Commodore CD32 & CDTV

Plus the huge Spectrum re-organisation, and a massive Sega update. Phew, another month like this and we’ll be adding the books and magazines!! More updates soon...

Amstrad & Famicom Sections Added

More formats were added to the site tonight. The Amstrad CPC section is now listed, a new section for the Amstrad GX4000 has also been added. Work on adding the Famicom section has begun, with boxed games now listed. We will be adding the unboxed Famicom games in the next couple of days.

In addition to the added categories, work has started on adding some basic information for each format. First section to benefit is Nintendo, with all formats now with basic information about each machine. Eventually information like this will be added to all sections within the site. This is in response to questions regarding compatibility of formats, and will hopefully make it easier to browse. As ever, more updates soon...

Whoops where’s my Bookmark

This week we’ve been working on the site mechanics. The site is getting full enough now to start chasing some hits. This means we’ve updated lots of the html titles of particular pages to make them more search engine friendly.

All very dull, but the upshot is that if you have bookmarked specific pages of the site, they could now be broken, giving you a dead page. Don’t worry, the page is still there, you’ll just need to find it again from the main pages.

Silly really, considering we actually have 90% of our traffic from bookmarks! Hopefully you’ll all forgive us and re-create your bookmarks from the newly named pages.

It is possible that the changes could lead to some site issues, though i’ve encountered none when testing. If anyone does have problems accessing the site, or any particular page, please get in touch via email.


Huge Sega Update

Another huge update has just gone live, this time covering the Sega formats. There are over 200 new additions, including many Megadrive rarities. The updated sections are:

UK Sega Megadrive
Sega Genesis
Japanese Sega Saturn
UK Mega CD
Sega Mastersystem
Sega Hardware Page 2

More updates coming soon!!


Commodore CD32 , Oric & Dragon Go Live

Updates are speeding up, with Commodore CD32, Oric and Dragon formats going live this afternoon. All three sections are pretty good though we say it ourselves, the CD32 section also includes a CDTV subcategory, though we only have four titles for the ill-fated machine at the moment.

Thankfully this puts games into every section for Commodore formats. Don’t worry though, there are still lots more Commodore games to be added in all sections in the coming weeks.


Colecovision Goes Live

One of my favourite consoles now has a big section on the site. In fact, the all new Colecovision section offers a far bigger selection of games than we’ve ever had before, with nearly 150 items available.

Like the Intellivision section, you’ll find seperate sections for Coleco Hardware, Boxed games, Unboxed games, and even a small Coleco Adam section.

More updates very soon!


C16 & Intellivision - New Formats Push us over 5000!
Two new sections have just gone live, the Commodore C16 & +4 , and the Mattel Intellivison. Biggest is the Intellivision, with three sections, one for hardware, one for boxed games and one for unboxed cartridges. It’s a big selection, but there will be more games added to it in the coming weeks.

The Commodore 16 & +4 covers two pages of games, and includes a couple of rare cartridge games for the format.

The addition of these two formats to the site have pushed us well over the 5000 number of individual titles listed on the site. Taking into account the multiples of these titles, that gives us a current available stock of well over 10,000 items. Already we’re at a similar level to our old website, yet we haven’t added all the format yet!!

Next on the hit list are the Colecovision and Commodore CD32, I always view the Coleco and Intelli as companion consoles, so it doesn’t feel right to have one listed on the site without the other. CD32 will complete listings for all the Commodore formats. Also in the pipeline are two big updates of current listed sections, a major Atari update covering all formats and another big Sega update - which still remains our most popular section.

Remember that all our games are sold on a strictly first come first served basis, if you want to get in first, simply email us and we’ll add you onto our updates list, you’ll then be emailed when your preferred format/s are updated, giving you the jump on rival collectors.


Huge Spectrum Revamp

Those of you who thought the gap between updates was growing can rest assured we have been hard at work! This has been a very complicated update, changing the format of the Spectrum section.

Previously the Spectrum games were arranged by the year and genre. While this looked great, it didn’t flow very well when browsing for games. It’s been bugging me for a few months, so as the Spectrum was ripe for a stock update anyway, the entire section has been changed.

Now the games are all sorted together by company. There are actually 130 companies in our new directory, in addition, the ‘Other Companies’ section covers around fifty more obscure manufacturers. As a lifelong spectrum collector myself, I think its far better to browse at games this way, but any opinions are very welcome via email.

The process has also begun of adding some information about each company. Only a few at the moment, but I hope to add some basic company information for all the sections in time. All utilities and Educational software have been moved into their own sections away from the games.

The good news doesn’t stop there!! There are several hundred more Spectrum games added to the section, including many of the titles we had sold out of, and lots more rare titles. We have also updated our ebay shop today, adding 150 more Spectrum games.

The Spectrum section was the first major addition to the new site, so has been waiting for a periodic update the longest, I hope everyone is pleased with it. The only problem now is, the ‘company’ order layout works so well, I guess we’ll have to do it for the Commodore 64 soon too!!


Atari ST Section Goes Live

Sorry for the delay between updates, we’ve had a hectic few weeks clearing some storage space so we can expand Retrogames even further. Today the Atari ST section has gone live. This pretty much completes all the Atari sections, so you’ll find something in all of them now. There are still lots of updates to the sections waiting in the wings, but at the moment we need to fill a few more format gaps.

Next we move on to Commodore, hopefully adding the CD32 and C16/+4 sections next week.

Thanks to everyone who’s been keeping in touch, the number of site visitors are on the increase, so word is getting round that we’re getting better and bigger. Thanks for spreading the news!!

Remember, if you want to be emailed when particular sections are updated, just email us and we’ll put you on the database.


Sega Master System Section Now Open

The Sega Master System section has now gone live. Its a pretty big section, split into game types. Most importantly, it marks the completion of the Sega section. There is one more category to add, ‘Other Sega’, which will include SG1000 and SC3000 games. These will be added at a later date, but for now its nice that we have all the major Sega formats now included on the site.

New Email Updates

As we edge ever closer to getting the site complete, we are now emailing previous customers when a particular section gets updated. At the moment, we are only tracking the sections people are interested in by what they have bought, which isn’t perfect.

Whether you are a previous customer, or just a fan of the site, if you would like to be emailed when the site has been updated, simply email us with your preferences and we’ll add you to our database. If you can stipulate which formats you are interested in, this will stop you being bogged down with unwanted email. To make this simpler, if you can let us know from these options:

Sega : Nintendo : Commodore : Sinclair : Handhelds : Atari : Other Formats : or EVERYTHING!


Ebay Shop Update

Another 300 games across many formats have been uploaded to our Ebay shop.


Multiple Section Updates
Another update of several established sections. Included are some very interesting and rare titles, so it’s worth checking them out. The updated sections are:

UK SegaMegadrive
Japanese Megadrive
US Playstation 2
US Playstation 1
Japanese Sega Saturn
UK Super Nintendo Unboxed
Super Famicom Boxed
US Super Nintendo Boxed

Next week the Sega Mastersystem should finally go live - so please keep in touch with the site!


PC Engine Section Now Open

The PC Engine has now gone live. It includes games on HuCard and CDRom. We have also updated several other sections with new games today. The updated sections are:

PC Engine
Sega Megadrive (UK - All sections)
Super Nintendo
Nintendo NES
UK Playstation 1
Japanese Sega Saturn


Huge Update!

The reason for the slightly larger gap between updates is that this one is HUGE! It doesn’t introduce any of the missing formats, but adds content to most of the established ones - which are also the most popular ones of course. The updated sections are:

NES Boxed
NES Unboxed
Super Nintendo Boxed
Super Nintendo Unboxed
US Super Nintendo Boxed
US Super Nintendo Unboxed
Super Famicom Boxed
Super Famicom Unboxed
Nintendo 64 Boxed
Nintendo 64 Unboxed
Japanese Nintendo 64 Boxed
US Nintendo 64 Boxed
UK Sega Dreamcast
UK Sega Saturn
Sega 32X
Sega GameGear Boxed
Sega GameGear Unboxed
Atari VCS Boxed
UK Playstation 1
US Playstation 1
Jap Playstation 1

Some sections have been substantially added too, other with just a few new titles. Keep checking for new updates, we’re working hard to get the site updated as quickly as possible, and there are still thousands of items to add!

There has also been an update to our Ebay shop, including Commodore 16, Atari 400/800, BBC/Electron and Vic 20. Another Ebay shop update is planned for tomorrow night.  


Commodore Amiga Goes Live

The Commodore Amiga section has now gone live. It’s a pretty huge section too. There are seven pages of games in total, and at the moment they are not in any particular order. We will arrange the games by genre at a later date, but the most important thing for now is to make them available. Have fun checking them out!


More Hardware and Sega Update

Another regular update of the site content has just gone live. It again adds more hardware (when will this hardware section ever be complete!!). We’ve also updated the Sega Megadrive section, the increased number of games adding an extra page to the ‘Movie & TV Licenced’ section. All Megadrive sections have had games added, and there are also a batch of new games added to the Sega Genesis section. The full list of updated sections are:

Sega Megadrive (All sections within it)
Sega Genesis
Sega Hardware
Nintendo Hardware

Looking at site statistics, we really have to get the Amiga section added very soon, as there are a lot of you waiting for it to be filled. It will be the next section to be updated, hopefully by this time next week.


Written Content Update for the HUB

We have finally updated the Magazine/Hub section of the site. It has been a long time coming and the update isn’t particularly big, but it does feature:

New Nintendo Wii Feature
New Jace’s Rant
New Letters Page

Plus a few other incidental edits here and there. The magazine section is supposed to balance our games for sale section, but with so many sections still empty, the magazine updates have lapsed. I hope to make up for this once all format sections are loaded with items. Check for more updates soon.


Biggest Hardware Update Yet!

Another huge hardware update has now been uploaded. It covers a huge amount of sections, and includes peripherals, joysticks, spares and lots more. It’s a relief to now have the bulk of the Hardware listed, it’s a very lengthy process testing all the items, taking multiple photos, and then writing about them. It will be a breath of fresh air to get back to listing games! The size of this update has meant several new pages, there are now two pages of Sinclair Hardware, two pages of Sega hardware, and a mammoth three pages of Nintendo hardware. The full list of sections updated today are:

Playstation Hardware
Sega Hardware
Philips CDi
MSX Hardware
Nintendo Hardware
Commodore Hardware
Atari Hardware
Neo Geo
Texas TI99
MSX Hardware
Sinclair Hardware
PC Engine

Keep in touch with the site, the next update will be soon.


Big Hardware Update Added

A big update today sees many computers and consoles added to the site. It covers such a broad range of machines, that it has forced us to open four new categories in the ‘Other Formats’ section. This is the list of all the sections with new stock added:

Commodore Hardware
Sinclair Hardware
Sega Hardware
Nintendo Hardware
Atari Hardware
TV Games
Dragon 32
Texas TI99

+ Four New Sections:

Mattel Aquarius
Teleng Colourstars
Grandstand Consoles

One more large hardware update, and that should be the bulk of our hardware on the site. Then it is back onto the games, with many more formats yet to add. Apologies again for lack of updates on the ‘Magazine’ section of the site, i’m afraid getting all our stock onto the site is the current priority. More updates very soon...


New Section - TV Games Added

A rapid new update, including a brand new section. There is a new sub-section in the Other Formats category, titled ‘Other Hardware’. This includes two new sections, TV Games, and Joysticks. Joysticks will be added in future, but TV games is up and running right now.

There are more updates today in other sections too.

Sinclair Hardware
Nintendo Hardware
Intellivision (no games yet - but soon)


Major Update + 3DO Goes Live

A big update this week. Not only is the 3DO section now complete, but we have updated most of the hardware sections. There are updates in the following sections:

Spectrum Hardware
Commodore Hardware
Sega Hardware
Nintendo Hardware
Atari Hardware
Chess Machines

+ Two new sections

MSX Hardware
Playstation Hardware

More soon, so please keep an eye on this News page for the latest update information.


Commodore Vic 20 Section Now Added

The gaps are still being filled, the Vic 20 section has now gone live, with two sections, one for Cartridge games and one for cassettes.


General update

Another, bigger update, of various sections. These are, Atari Harware, Sega Hardware , Neo Geo, LED Handhelds, LCD Handhelds, Calculators, Game & Watch, and Other Electronic.


General update

A small update this week, primarily including some new UK Megadrive games, some boxed Game Gear games, and a couple more bits of Atari Hardware.


Atari Hardware Section Added

We have just uploaded the new Atari Hardware section. It’s mainly VCS/2600 stuff at the moment, but will grow to include more soon. There are also a few other hardware additions in other sections.

Also, apologies for the lack of new content in our online magazine section. At the moment, getting more stock onto the ‘for sale’ side of the site is most important, hopefully in preperation of a press relaunch of the site in the Spring.


BBC & Acorn Electron Go Live

One of the biggest sections left to list, the new BBC & Electron section is now updated on the site. It includes four pages of BBC software, a new BBC Disc section, a BBC & Electron dual format section, and a two page Electron section.


MSX Section has now gone LIVE

The first new section of the year has been added to the site. The new MSX section includes both Cassette and Cartridge sections, both of which spread over two pages.


Site Fixed and First Stock Update of the Year!

Finally the shop part of the site seems to be operating properly. Extensive testing over the past week, and it has yet to go wrong, so we head into a more technically secure future.

The net result of this new found stability is our first stock update of the year. Those waiting for some of the other formats to be added, i’m afraid they haven’t been yet, but we have completed a new update of the Handheld section, including an entire new page of LED Tabletops, plus new games in the LCD, Game & Watch and Other Electronic sections.

Now, technical issues over, we can get on with loading the site with more formats. Check for new updates in the next week.


Still got problems ;o(

I have been fighting all day after problems again returned over the weekend, instead of bouncing out of the directory, the crazy program bounced right back into the original website. Confused - it is likely i’ll have no hair if it carries on like this. Have fixed it again (9.50pm) and is running fine as I write, but wouldn’t be surprised if it has all gone pear shaped again by morning. I’ll keep you all informed. The only current problem is with the links on the right of the home page (the instant searches), these are all currently dead, but will be re-instated with our new front page by the end of the week. Thanks for reading! and sorry if you’ve been desperately frustrated by the problems (like me!)


Shop should now be fixed - fingers crossed!

After many hours fixing new problems, the entire catalog has been moved to a new space, and currently all is working well. The links have changed on the main page, so now you will automatically go to the updated version of our shop - it does look just the same.


Updates Hampered by Site problems

Despite our best intentions, there are still very few updates going onto the site. This is primarily because there are still sporadic problems with the shop section, which despite lengthy fixes, still seem to hinder the way the site works. Regular visitors may have noticed that occasionally the section links down the side bring up dead pages, and that searches using the search box send the whole site haywire, bringing back results in a large text, and then showing the items without pictures, and completely odd and garbled check out pages.

Suprisingly, i’ve had very few complaints about these problems from visitors, so don’t know if people are just leaving the site frustrated, or if the problem is less common than I think. The last episode of it happening was around 9am this morning, but everything is fine again as I write.

This is one of the problems when designing the site yourself, you come up against technical problems which nobody seems prepared to help you fix. To get an idea of what is happening, the catalog section of the retrogames site is hosted in a sub-directory, in this case, , it is similar to how the old site was set up, which is still hosted at Anyway, the problem is that our CGI commands, the instructions which tell the site where to go to look for things, keep bouncing the site out of the sub-directory, indeed, when you get a dead page, if you simply type the "/games/” part back into the browser, it gives you the correct page.

If the problem was constant, we could work on fixing it, however, you can be half way through working out a new way of doing things, of deciding whether to change a variable, when you check the site and, you guessed it, all is fine. Grrrr.

In a final attempt to fix everything, we will be moving the entire games catalogue section to a new directory in the next couple of days. This shouldn’t lead to any down time, as the new directory will only be linked once all is up and running, but if you are a regular visitor and have noticed these problems, it would be great if you could email to let me know.

Once we’re all running and stable, the site will finally start getting filled up. Thanks for your patience.


Handhelds Almost Complete

Apologies for lack of an update for the past couple of weeks. This has been thanks to the large amount of work going into the handheld section. Thankfully, the work is now complete, and we have a really nice section of LED , LCD , Game & Watch and other Electronic games. Calculators are still to be added, which should happen in the next week or so.

Of course, the problem with listing handhelds is that each machine has been re-tested, and our new listing format provides multiple pictures of each game. I’ve also tried to add some information about the machines for those unfamiliar with them.

On the ‘Hub’ side of Retrogames, Jace’s review of the Playstation 3 is live, and a new Rant is promised in the next few days. A new letters page will also go live next week.

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments on the site, we are working hard to make it even better!


Handhelds Added (Some)

The handhelds have started to go on. So far, only LED Games and Other Electronic games have anything in, but more will be added tomorrow - LCD Games and Game & Watch


Updates coming - Slowly

A new update of the site has just gone live, there isn’t a new format included, but we’ve added a lot of hardware items to the various hardware formats. Highlights include a 3DO Console (the only item in the current 3DO section), Commodore 64 machines, a CD32, more Nintendo hardware, more Sega hardware and a boxed ZX Spectrum.

Any comments on the new site, complaints, or problems using the site, please email us. We take all your comments very seriously. More updates coming soon - some handhelds next!

PHEW - We’re Open! - 11:59 31.10.06

It’s been an incredible month of intense work, but the site is actually up on time today, as promised, and slightly ahead of schedule with regard to our stock levels. We have tried to concentrate on the most popular sections, and there are still thousands more items to add, but these are the sections which have been relisted into the new site so far:

ZX Spectrum
Commodore 64 Cassette
Commodore 64 Disc
Commodore 64 Cartridge
Atari VCS/2600
Atari 400/800
Atari 7800
Atari Jaguar
Atari Lynx
Nintendo NES
Super Nintendo
US Super Nintendo
Nintendo Super Famicom
Nintendo 64
Sega Megadrive
Japanese Megadrive
Sega Genesis
Sega Mega CD
Sega 32X
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
Playstation 1 & 2

You will also find the odd item in some of the other sections, as you’ll see, all the sections are there, just that many are empty. All the games on the site are available to buy.

Hardware & Handhelds

These are the two next facets of the site to tackle. We have begun sorting and re-testing all our hardware to be listed, and you’ll find a few machines and peripherals already available in a few Hardware sections. More will be listed tomorrow (1st Nov) and into next week. Handhelds are still a couple of weeks away i’m afraid.

Remaining Sections

We hope to continue to add sections very quickly, at the moment i’m i’ll commit to at least one additional format being added per week. Ideally, the entire site will be up to date by Christmas. Please keep an eye on this News section, we will always report the latest updates here.


Much testing of the site has taken place over the past eight weeks, and there have been a few nail biting moments. If you discover a new problem, please email us so we can look into it, or at least warn others before they encounter the same. Here’s a list of problems we’ve had, some of which we think are now completely resolved, but let us know if you find them.

1: Overselling the same item to multiple buyers.

This is the biggest remaining problem and something we can’t resolve easily. Everytime a buyer takes an item, the order is downloaded to our mail order office, once processed the site has to be triggered to remove the item. This means it is still possible for multiple buyers to buy the same item, it the second buyer unluckily purchases before the update.

To put it simply, it’s possible the item you want has just been sold to someone else - it shouldn’t happen very often - very rarely did two people want the same thing at the same time on the old site, and we’ll update quickly - far quicker than the old system. But it’s still possible.

2: Disappearing Pictures

This seems to have stopped now, but we were getting users with problems after using the search box. When they clicked to see a result, the pictures - even the buttons - all became crosses making the site un-navigatable. This hasn’t happened for a couple of weeks, so i’m hoping the glitch has been ironed out. It did seem to right itself after a few hours, so perhaps related to our web host.

3: No return to site after receipt

After you purchase your items you are given a reciept to print out if you wish, there is a Done box at the bottom of this page which should send you back to the site, but at the moment it doesn’t. Sorry. You’ll have to type it in the browser again if you want to come back.

And that’s it for today. Keep an eye on the site, enjoy browsing the new shop and fingers crossed our servers don’t blow a gasket (we’ve had hundreds of mails from people looking forward to it going live - thanks for your support ;o))

Remember to Check again tomorrow night (1st Nov) for more Hardware items added.



After many months of little changes to the site, we can finally reveal that our new look site is imminent. Let’s be honest, as comprehensive as our stock is, as good as our customer service has always been, this website has changed little since it first went live back in early 1998 - yes, eight years ago.

While most other games sites have had proper shopping facilities since they began, our reliance on email confirmation of orders has slowed everything down, and made many new customers (understandably) reluctant to buy from us.

The manual nature of how we currently list our stock also creates problems, with updates required not just to list new stock, but to remove sold stock too. Well finally, things are going to change!

So What’s New?

Probably most important is the new shopping environment. A very simple shopping cart and check out system, but most exciting is the new Search Box. Considering we stock more retro games and machines than anyone else, the search box is something which the site has been desperate for, for many years. Further to that, the new item listing format gives us more room for adding information about each item, and more pictures to. Every item on the new shopping site will have at least one picture, with pop up boxes for even more information and pictures on the most exciting items.

Other shopping improvements include an automated shipping calculator based on the weight of the items, automated email confirmations of orders and payments and the ability to save your details as a cookie so you don’t have to put your details in again the next time you order.

It’s not just the shopping part which is getting updated though. The new Retrogames Hub will eventually give you information on everything you ever wanted to know about retrogaming. For now it will offer some previously written articles on machines and games, Jace’s Rant, and some other interesting things.

So, will all this be ready on the 1st of November?

Well, no, probably not, but the new site will go live. The huge quantity of Retrogames items and their complete re-listing in the new format is a massive job, but we should have a solid starting point which we will continue to add to into the new year. Numbers are difficult at this stage, but it’s hoped at least 2,000 live items will be available on the 1st of November, with 10,000 available by next Spring. We will leave the old catalogue available for viewing until the new site is fully loaded, meaning you will still be able to enquire about items which may not have made it across yet.

As for the reading content of the Retrogames Hub, this is a longer term project, but there are several new features already set for launch.

So, put the date in your diary, and let’s remind everyone that we were the first ever Retrogames seller, and help us get back on the map.

7th June 2006

Parts of Site Not Working - Work has begun on rebuilding the site, you should see old parts back online soon!!

24th May 2005

Megadrive Update

Over 50 new titles added to our Megadrive sections, plus over twenty price drops as multiples have come into stock.

2nd February 2005

Major Update

Over 500 new accross over 20 formats. Formats which have had additional games added are:

Super Nintendo : Commodore 64 Cassette : Atari ST : Amiga : Commodore 64 Disc : Super Famicom : Nintendo NES : US SNES : Commodore 16 : Atari XL/XE : Memorabilia : Nintendo 64 : Dreamcast : Mega CD : Playstation : Megadrive : Amstrad CPC : Calculators : Game Gear : Spectrum : Atari VCS : Atari 7800 : Other Sinclair : Sinclair Books : CD32 : 3DO : Mastersystem : BBC : CDI : Gameboy

1st January 2005

Happy New Year to All our Readers, Customers & Friends

7th November 2004

New Updates for ZX Spectrum and Commodore Amiga

Over 200 new titles added in total, including some Amiga classics, and some Spectrum super rarities, like Bubbler by Ultimate, and Shadow of the Unicorn, complete with 64k Expansion Pack.

10th September 2004

Huge Site Update - Even bigger than the last one!

Site update time finally arrived, and virtually every section has new games in it. Some sections are nearly twice the size, notably Atari ST and Nintendo 64. Check it all out while it’s fresh!

13th June 2004

Complete Site Stock update - over 1000 New Games added

Looks like we just can’t stop growing, with tons of new games added across the entire site, including many rarities, there are hundreds of new pictures too. If you happen to be looking at this site on someone elses computer and don’t have regular access, we have a brand new paper catalogue available, if you are in the UK simply send £1 with your address to the retrogames address.

20th May 2004

Megadrive Update

Over 70 new games added the Sega Megadrive section, the majority added with pictures.

17th May 2004

New updates - about time

New Hardware added, including some really nice Sega and Nintendo items. Every section in the Hardwares Mini-site has been updated. Check the Konix Multi-System in the "Other Consoles” Section.

24th March 2004

Stock Updates - NES / SNES / SATURN +

Major updates today of the Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn and Super Famicom Sections.

Also smaller updates of the UK Megadrive, Jap Megadrive, Gameboy, Mastersystem, Nintendo Famicom, Playstation, PC Engine and Neo Geo.

Around 250 new titles added in total.

5th March 2004

Major Stock Updates:

Majore New updates of Neo Geo , PC Engine , Nintendo Super Famicom, Sega Saturn sections today. Also updates of Spectrum, Atari XL/XE, Atari ST, Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive, Gameboy and 3DO sections.

26th November 2003

Final MINI-SITE Now complete

Our final mini site is now finished, dedicated to Books and Magazines. You’ll find hundreds of newly listed items in the section. Click Here to go straight there.

There have been loads more updates too, with all Sega sections now fully updated, and a huge revamped Nintendo Famicom section, in fact, there are currently only three stock sections which have yet to be updated, Other Formats, Neo Geo, and Philips CDI. Don’t worry, they’ll be completed very soon.

25th October 2003

15 New Updates Including 8 Brand new Sections

The last couple of months have been the busiest yet in the history of the Retrogames website. On top of the all new Hardware Mini-Site which was added at the beginning of October, there are now another 15 major updated format sections, including a whopping eight entirely new format sections.

The following have been completely updated and reformated with pictures added:

Atari 7800 : Atari ST : BBC B : Electron : 3DO : MSX : Intellivision : Colecovision

The Following are completely new sections:
Dragon : Oric : Interton : Fairchild : Vectrex : TI99 : Amstrad : Philips Videopac

What’s Next?

There are still quite a few sections to be changed into the new listing format, and it’s a lengthy process with all the new photos which need to be edited and attached to the database. A new Philips CDI section should be on the site in the next couple of weeks, along with updates of the PC Engine, Playstation and Neo Geo sections. Then we un-earth the mountain of magazines crated up in the Retrogames stock room, to create all the brand new book and magazine sections which are hinted at by the logos already implemented. .

24th October 2003

What the Amstrad is going on!!

Original readers of the Retrogames magazine will no doubt be most surprised at the recent addition of an Amstrad CPC section to the stock pages. I’ll admit, we’ve always shown ourselves to be very anti-CPC, mainly because of the bad feeling after Amstrad bought and destroyed Sinclair. It’s also very difficult to think of one game to reccomend the format which isn’t a conversion of a Spectrum or C64 Game.

Of course, the "I hate Amstrad” attitude was fine in the days when we were just the first UK retrogaming fanzine, but now eight years later, with over one and a half million hits on the site a month, it seems silly to discount any of the retro formats from our catalogue. Anti-Amstrad gamers shouldn’t feel let down by the new section, maybe they should just order all the games it contains so we can close it down again ;o)

6th October 2003

Brand new Hardware mini-site

No, we haven’t been sitting around for months doing nothing with the site, finally our new hardware mini-site is complete, and I really mean complete. Over 100 new machines, peripherals and spares have been added, with dedicated pages for each format. I hope it’s been worth the wait.

Elsewhere on the site, new icons have been added and there have been redesigns of the mini-site homepages. Next in line for a revamp is Commodore Superstore, with the C64 listings put into the new format. And what next after that? Well, it’s the turn of the books and magazines to get their own mini-site, so keep in touch with the ever growing

2nd May 2003


It’s true, after all the work turning the listings into galleries, they are going back to a better listing format. Why I hear you cry? Well, while we always liked the look of gallery style listings, with each item with its own picture and info underneath, it seems that loading times for some people were unbearable, and it would certainly be benefitial to include more information.

The solution is a new boxed listing format, easily copyable into Excel/access/works if you want to have a record of our listings on your own hard drive, and still with all the pictures previously included, but with click options within the item line to access them.

The first section to get the revamp treatment was the all new Spectrum listing, but that still has a seperate gallery. This will soon be demolished, and the pictures intergrated back into the list. The first formats to be fully revamped that are up and running are:

Sega Megadrive : Sega Master System : Super Nintendo : Super Famicom : US Snes

There are lots more updates to come, starting with a revamp of the Spectrum section (again) and a completely updated Handheld/Electronic game section. As ever, it’s all a matter of time, and thanks to everyone for their patience, particularly with some parts of the site which haven’t been updated for months.

The Advantages of the new system are multi-fold. Number one though, is the ease of keeping it updated, no more dates of the last update, the new lists should always be up to date, with games being removed as they are sold. Bigger pictures are also an advantage, all the new pics are denoted with an asterix, and they are considerably bigger and better quality than those on the old style pages. (the ones not denoted by an asterix). Finally, you should be able to view the pages far quicker, and there is now additional info too.

Thanks as ever to all of you for your continued support. We are constantly trying to improve the site, and i’m sure it’s going to be amazing one day ;o)

9th February 2003

Sinclair & Commodore mini sites go live

Our portfolio of mini-sites is now complete with the introduction of Sinclair Search and Commodore Superstore. There are a few parts of these mini-sites yet to be completed, like the hardware and magazine sections, but all will be up and running soon. Also, sister site is finally live, so if you happen to be a retrogamer who’s into record collecting too, we should be able to help you out on both counts!

22nd October 2002


It has taken some time, but Sega and Nintendo now have dedicated mini-sites to match those for Atari and handhelds. The Playstation section has also had a complete revamp. Nintendo’s mini-site includes dedicated Game & Watch page with information on rare types, a new Super Nintendo section with 100% pictures, and a new dedicated NES section. There are future improvements intended to the Nintendo site, with N64 having a dedicated section.

Planet Sega brings a new format to the Retrogames site, the fantastic Dreamcast. While this is a very modern console, it became retro very quickly, and is currently one of the most highly collectible formats. The sections also brings 100% picture Saturn section, new dedicated Megadrive and Gamegear sections, plus loads more.

New improvements are in hand, most importantly a new payment options section, which should make buying from Retrogames a whole lot easier. Next up is mini sites for Sinclair and Commodore, a pretty daunting prospect considering the size of the task, so please be patient.

Issue 23 of Retrogames is still on the drawing board i’m afraid. Plans for a pre-Christmas release are slipping now, but rest assured it will be a fantastic issue. Hopefully, it will include even more colour than issue 22, and sees a return to our traditional format, of a mixture of different formats and systems, rather than being dedicated to a particular theme. There are several articles complete already, so please don’t give up on it. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our subscribers for their incredible patience. You are all stars.

Hopefully those of you who have bought from us recently will have noticed our far faster delivery times. 90% of all paypal payments see their orders in the post by the next day, and postal orders are being dealt with almost as quickly. Thanks for all the kind comments we have had regarding our improved service, it certainly makes the job more worthwhile.

25th July 2002


Completely revamped sections for Atari and handhelds are now online, including the beginners guide to handhelds, and our fantastic Game & Watch page. Next on the revamp hitlist is the Nintendo section, so keep in touch with the site, there are hundreds of new games on their way.

11th July 2002


It has been a tough month, organising the stock into it’s new warehouse space, but the site upgrade has begun. The Machine section was upgraded, with pictures of each unit for sale, a couple of weeks ago, and last week saw the revamp of the magazine section, with new options and all the reported browser problems hopefully resolved. Next is Atari Safari, a project to completely revamp the Atari section, bringing individual pages for each format, hardware, and peripherals. In effect, a complete mini site just for Atari. Part one is now complete, Atari Safari is dedicated to collectors of Atari VCS/2600, and provides 100+ pictures of games we have in stock for sale. You can link to the page directly from Retrogames home page. In time, additional space will be given to Atari related reviews and features, giving the mini-site a more magazine style feel. After all, if it wasn’t for the retrogames magazine, we wouldn’t even be here. If you have written anything interesting about the world of Atari, and would like to see it published on the site, let us know.

8th June 2002


The Retrogames shop is gone, long live Retrogames. Thanks to everyone who visited in the final weeks, and indeed all those that supported the Retrogames shop over the past four years. Now Retrogames can look to a brighter future. Issue 23 can finally get closer to the printing stage. The Site is going to improve in many ways, the first thing to be addressed is more improvements to the stock section. Thanks to some glowing feedback for our improved 100% picture handheld section, we are now to revamp the Machines section and provide pictures of every console and computer in stock. New sections are on their way too, a new book section (seperate from the magazines), new bigger sections for Spectrum and C64, and the new T-Shirt section. Once those changes have been implemented, it’s the editorial content of the site which will improve, with Issue Two finally making it online to join Issue One. So, don’t mourn the passing of the Retrogames shop for two long, the future is actually looking far more rosey.

12th May 2002


It may have been open for four years, attracted thousands of wide-eyed gamers from all over the world, but the legendary Retrogames shop is closing at the end of May. Those of you who visited regularly will no doubt be upset at the news, but rest assured, the closure has nothing to do with the current state of the Retrogames company, quite the opposite in fact. This website is currently attracting 1,000,000 hits per month, which has helped the mail order section claim over 80% of our retail sales. When retrogames first started it was a magazine with a small associated mail order business, but this part has boomed over the past seven years. The retail shop provided a high profile venue for London bound collectors, but never got close to generating the sales of Retrogames mail order. So, in a way, the closure could be justified in that way, but in truth, sales weren’t what the shop was set up for. 

It has been a tremendous pleasure to meet the fellow collectors who have visited, many who I now consider good friends. A huge thank you to all those who travelled accross continents to get here, from the US and Japan, even Australia and New Zealand. Rest assured the decision to close isn’t one that I have taken lightly. The biggest deciding factor is commuting. Driving to London each day can’t be described as pleasurable at the best of times, but in the past couple of years, congestion has slowed the journey considerably. With between 2.5 and 3.5 hours every day being lost to the M1, i’ve got to the point where enough is enough. Those interested in the record shop part of the store, will be pleased to note that part of the shop is to continue as normal. It’s possibly a little early to make any rash promises, but the additional time should make the rest of the Retrogames empire a lot more efficient. Improvements to the site are high priority, with new Book and T Shirt sections coming soon. Issue Two of Retrogames, an issue unavailable in print form for three years, is finally to make it’s online debut. Work on Issue 23 of Retrogames will also gather momentum, promising to be even more impressive than 22!! So, you see, it’s not really bad news, just a change of priorities. Hopefully we’ll be able to serve you guys even better, with even more amazing games in stock, and an even bigger site. Now I just have to work out what to do about the 100+ emails we get a day :o)

24th December 2001


Our good friends at Namco are now preparing new characters to appear in our logo. Artists at Namco’s Japanese HQ are currently working to bring us official character graphics to appear in the regular E and A spots in the logo. Official Endorsement from Namco is something I am certainly very proud of, and their official characters add yet more credibility to our company. Thanks to everyone who has written to me regarding the problems, and to Namco for all their help. The new logo will be unveiled as soon as possible.

28th November 2001


The advertising in Edge has brought its problems. A couple of days ago I was told by our good friends at Namco that there was a problem with us using Pac Man in our logo. Today I agreed to remove the Pac Man and Ghost characters from our logo. All is not yet lost, hopefully there will be a way to use the Pac Man characters with permission in the future. I will of course keep you all informed of developments.

4th November 2001


After over a year of no advertising, this month sees a return to our roots, with our first full page advertisment in Edge. Those of you who have seen the advertisment will no doubt be as dissapointed as I am with it. Thanks to a terrible communication system within Edge, I was left to completely re-design our advertisment with less then five hours to go until it went to the printers. Then, with even less time on his hands, the guy who set up the document created some kind of dirty digital smudging within the font. Hopefully, things will look better for the next one...


We should have finally got over the browser problems some of you were having when viewing the stock pages. The whole stock section has been reconstructed, and is (so i’m told) browser proof. If you have any difficulties in matching up prices with items, or can’t see anything properly in the new part of the site, please Email me, and i’ll go back to the drawing board :o)

Gamefinder strikes back

We’ve started advertising it, but it’s not ready until the end of this week. What am I talking about, Gamefinder of course. A new hard copy catalogue is now available for £1/$1 including postage, so if you are fed up with squinting over your monitor, or have some friends who aren’t on the net, let them know that Gamefinder 2001 is finally available.

20th September 2001


Sorry guys, in celebration of the new Issue 22 finally getting completed, we are taking a week off (the first this year) so your emails won’t be answered until the 1st of October.


Issue 22 is finally finished, and going out to the subscribers this week. This really is a major issue, and it will take a month or so until we can report on it’s success. Those of you who haven’t seen much of Retrogames in the main games press of late, prepare for some surprises!

1st August 2001


It has been a long time since time since this page was updated, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of stuff going on. Actually, there has been so much stuff it’s hard to know where to begin.


You can now pay us with PAYPAL, this should help encourage US and overseas buyers who aren’t keen on sending cash through the post. UK orders can be paid using the service too, but all users will need to convert the total of orders into dollars, as PAYPAL still doesn’t let you pay in pounds sterling. It may not be an interactive trolley shopping experience, but it is a small step closer.

More Advertising Problems

Many of you may have seen another company advertising under the name of Retrogames. Thanks to all of you who contacted me, i’m sure you can all imagine the stress which it caused. However, i’m thankful to say that we sorted the situation out between ourselves and they won’t be advertising using our name in future.

Issue 22 - Come on Jace, you’re taking the p*ss!

It is sad to report that this is now the longest gap ever between issues of Retrogames. I would just like to confirm, that unlike our immitators which all seem to have given up with their magazines, Retrogames Magazine is actually very much alive and healthy. Issue 22 is without question the greatest issue I have ever put together. It has actually been completed for a couple of months, and the reason for the delay in getting to you all is two fold. Firstly, this issue is to be professionally printed, no more dodgy staples, and poor images. This is going to be full of colour, and packed with information like you just wouldn’t believe. The problems have been finding a printing company willing to take on the job, and of course the huge costs involved in starting a proper production run. On top of that, the magazine has had to be re-written in part to allow for colour page organisation. Of course, to you guys, none of these problems really matter, and I thank everyone for your patience. This issue will put Retrogames back firmly on the map, and from there, things can only get better.


Those of you who used to enjoy my features in Future’s N64 magazine, will be pleased to know that I have agreed to write a new regular feature for another games magazine. This time I will be contributing to PCZone, published by Dennis. Ironically, Dennis now owns C&VG magazine, after buying it from Emap, another magazine I used to write for. Those of you with longer memories will remember Dennis publishing for your Sinclair and your Spectrum, two classic 8-bit magazines. I’m happy to report that some of the writers from those early days still write for PCZone. Of course, being a PC magazine, they would prefer me to base the feature around computer based games, but i’m sure i’ll be slipping in some juicy console and handheld stuff along the way.

Retrogaming Price Guide

I’ve been asked to help compile a classic game price guide. It is being put together by insane games, and while I don’t really like the idea of a solid guide for videogames, if I don’t contribute, it will be published anyway. A classic case of, if you can’t beat them, join them. The guide is to be updated regularly, and is primarily aimed at would-be games traders. As some of you may know, I have a pretty good knowledge of the collectable record market, and in that case the guide book calls itself the bible of record dealers. It then goes on to both underprice, and considerably overprice records. Ask most record dealers what they think of the price of a record, and they will say, "you can’t trust the book price”. That said, I can understand the market for such a gaming guide, if not for prices, then just because it will provide a complete list of games by particular companies or on particular formats. I will do my best to keep my input as accurate as I can. While it would be foolish to say I haven’t made profit from selling old games, my collection comes first, and I am as worried as you about over inflated prices flooding the collecting scene.

1st June 2001


A Commodore 64 game recently was sold on Ebay for £170 pounds. This has to be the highest price paid for a game for the system, though this title, Myth (not the system 3 game) was released only to members of a computer club. One thing is for sure, the C64 certainly hasn’t been forgotten about.


Thanks to everyone for being so patient. The good news is that issue 22 is complete, it just needs to be printed. The reason for the long gap between issues will become fully apparent when you recieve it. Just wait and see.

21st April 2001


It may have been a bit of a wait since the last update, but i’m happy to report that the new stock lists are the biggest ever online. Thanks to the purchase of several large collections over the past couple of months, there is a huge number of new games now available. These span all our most popular formats, with over two hundred new Atari VCS games, three hundred Spectrum, three hundred C64, nearly one hundred and fifty Amiga games and some very juicy new Famicom and Super Famicom titles. There is also the biggest increase in our Atari 800/XE/XL software ever, which now nudges the 300 titles level. More stock can also be found for the Atari 7800, a format which has been understocked for over a year. New machines and handhelds are also to be found, so what are you doing reading this, get on the stock pages and search for that game you’ve been looking for for years!!

3rd March 2001


The stock lists get their first update of the year. Big apologies to everyone and thanks for waiting so patiently! The other news is yet more site expansion. We have now clicked up to a higher bandwidth, thanks to all our new users. We have also added the beginnings of our own music site, so if you collect records,  

5th December 2000


Not really big news, but the latest update to the site does correct a few errors. Most welcome is the seperation of BBC and Electron titles, as their incompatibility made ordering them very confusing. The magazines and books have also seen a revamp, with collections of titles being sold instead of individual magazines, this means lots and lots of new pictures, so please be patient if you have a slow connection. . The links have also been corrected on the home page, as many users were whizzing off to strange places if they pressed certain options. Monthly access to the site has increased again, now well in excess of a hundred thousand hits a month, and as such, our hosting company are threatening to pull the plug unless I upgrade our set up. Ah, the rewards of success I suppose. If you have had any problems accessing this site, please email and let us know.

11th October 2000


Issue One has now been put online, if you didn’t notice you can get to it from the revamped Home page. I hope new readers like it, and take into consideration that it was our first issue. Actually, while the content may have got more exciting, it’s surprising how little the format has changed. Obviously it’s inclusion has made the site bigger than ever, and that has inspired a bit of reorginisation. As you probably know, the home page is now simpler. Jace’s Rant has shifted from the main grouping, so you may have to change your bookmark if you are regular fan, this will allow the section to expand. The magazine option now encompasses lots of smaller options, providing a far simpler system. Work is to continue. Next up is a revamp of the stock pages, and this is bound to take a lot more effort. Don’t worry though, we are still running on full steam. As ever, any comments on the changes would be gratefully received.

27th September 2000

Work continues on RG Online, over the coming months, try clicking the Retrogames logo on the title page, and you might see some work in progress...

26th September 2000

YAHOO!! We’re in colour!

The hit rate continues to grow, this time because we have finally been listed on Yahoo! After five applications, and loads of improvements to the site, we have finally been proved worthy, much to my relief. The impact has been instant, with about a thousand new visitors to the site every week. The other news is that we are now offering our current issue of Retrogames in a limited Full Colour version. As regular readers will know, the cost to us getting the magazine printed in colour is around 50p a page, so these limited issues will unfortunately be expensive. UK readers will need to pay £10 per colour issue, while US/Overseas readers will need to pay $15, inclusive of postage. There has already been a good level of interest in the idea, and if we sell all our colour issues this time, we will review the current subscription offer and make sure everyone gets a fair deal if they want to transfer to a colour option. As ever, any comments on this subject would be more than helpful. Email

24th August 2000

More Photo’s Than Ever

We have never been shy of blowing our own trumpet, (no, I don’t mean i’m double jointed), but with the hit rate exceeding all expectations, recent coverage on Channel 4’s Bits, and more TV in the pipeline, you’d think we would be resting on our laurels. Not at all. Check out our stock lists for even more pictures of classic games. There are now over a hundred items pictured within the site, a far cry from the early implementation of the gallery. There’s still plenty to do, with Issue One of Retrogames to go live online before Christmas, and further improvements still planned. All this is having a punishing effect on issue Twenty One of RG, but rest assured that when it finally gets released, it will be just as good as Issue Twenty. Like all web sites, the more hits we get, the bigger we can get. So, if you have been impressed by the site, are a long time fan of RG, or just like what you see and want to help, then tell your friends, get us on search engines, give us links from your site, it’s all gratefully appreciated. If we can approach a publisher with a million hits in our pocket, surely a full colour printed Retrogames magazine can’t be that far away.

25th July 2000


Oh yes, it’s all getting better now. The stock lists section of this web site has been improved, adding three new sections. PC Engine, Neo Geo and 3DO have all moved from the other formats section. The PC Engine and NEO GEO sections contain colour pictures of every game in stock, while the 3DO section contains a huge selection of pictures from our current, much bigger stock. The improvements don’t stop there, the Gallery has been updated, and there are added pictures to the Handhelds and Machines sections. There are more improvements to come, with more pictures to be added to the stock section, aswell as the impending Retrogames Online section. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

21st June 2000


I was amazed to find that our hit rate is soaring for the site. The last thirty days has seen 91,500 hits, with over 8000 user sessions a week. All these years I have wanted a regular column in Edge, and now Jace’s Rant exceeds the magazine’s readership. Obviously this huge following dwarfs the readership of Retrogames, and so it is perhaps time to change our strategy. My intention is to expand the site to create an online version of the magazine. Don’t worry, we are not abandoning our subscribers, this would involve updating the back issues of Retrogames, and re-creating them online. While this will obviously dent sales of back issues, it will provide new Retro fans with a first hand example of what the magazine is about, and hopefully tempt them to subscribe. It would be brilliant if we could get the first ten issues online by this time next year, but I am aware of the size of the task, and so make no promises. Feedback from our last issue (20) has been brilliant, it seems you have all been waiting for a listing free issue. As has always been our intention, any profits from the magazine go back into it’s production, so lets hope that with new subscribers on board, a full colour issue is not too far away.

1st June 2000


Despite assurances to the contrary, Edge magazine have re-printed CEX’s advertisment, giving their assault on our reputation some longevity. I have again been assured that this will not happen again, but can’t help to be disappointed by their reluctance at admitting their mistake. Having advertised in the magazine for over five years, far longer than CEX, and also to have written for them, you would think that I would have been able to count on their support. It seems the enjoyment of being involved in the Retro scene has become soured by the continual need to defend our intellectual property. Of course, it’s no secret that CEX’s involvement in the scene is purely about making a profit.

3rd May 2000


The latest issue of Edge features an advert for the CEX retro shop, blatantly headed as "Retrogames”. While you would think that the shop had raised enough publicity by selling imported Playstation 2 machines at £1300 a shot, it seems that they are continuing their campaign of stealing any publicity we generate. Is it any coincidence that their advertisement has appeared in the very next issue after our own third of a page display advertisement. Those of you who have been with us for some time, may remember that the company gave reference to their shop as Retrogames in an advertisement a couple of years ago, but this new advertisement is far more direct. The advert uses digital style lettering, with a map of how to get to their shop directly underneath. While I am sure those familiar with us will be well aware that they are not the same company, it is the miss-leading of new retro collectors which is damaging to both us and the collecting scene as a whole. Our last run in with CEX saw them defend the use of the word Retrogames, as it was just a term which covered the whole collecting scene. This is a kind of back handed compliment, as before we advertised in the mainstream press there was no such term as Retrogames. It’s like bringing out a fizzy drink and calling it Coca-Cola so people know what it is. It’s illegal, that’s what it is. I wrote to CEX, and Edge a few days ago, Edge previously agreed that they would prevent further incidents as these happening in the future, and have yet to receive a reply. As is the tradition at Retrogames, until I have a reply to publish, here is what I sent to CEX...

It is with great disappointment that I write regarding your latest advertisement in Edge Issue 84. Your blatant heading of Retro games is obviously intended to divert any of our publicity to yourselves.

Over a year or so ago there was a similar incident, and I was assured by Edge that this wouldn't happen again. I also wrote to yourselves, and assumed that the problem was sorted out.

As I am sure you know, we are the original Retrogames company, established for almost seven years, and have spent a lot of money promoting our name in that period. Obviously we are a far smaller company than CEX, and so to see our name and image being abused in such a way is particularly upsetting. This is especially annoying considering the number of our customers I recommend your shop to.

It's a great pity that two shops fulfilling such a niche market can't help each other out. Perhaps I should change the name of our shop to CEX??

Retrogames subscription has trebled over the past year, our web site now claims in excess of 20,000 hits a week, and over 8000 half hour plus user sessions a month. It is this base of dedicated collectors, many of them your own customers, who make Retrogames what it is. Thankfully this loyal following will be able to tell the difference between our companies, however in a market dominated by intelligent customers, it's perhaps rather patronising to try and trick them this way.

I have explained this situation to Future Publishing, and await there reply. Any comments you may have would be appreciated.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers who have written to me on this subject and as ever would like to thank everyone for their continued support. Perhaps it is this amazing level of loyalty that CEX is trying to steal?


There have been some rather dodgy scans of a particular Retrogames article appearing on several Vectrex sites over the past few weeks. May I remind anyone who may be responsible, that we do not allow any part of our magazine to be replicated online or on paper without our permission. Anyway, the fuss is all over an old article in issue ten, the exclusive review of Mail Plane. As readers of Retrogames will know, of course the article is genuine, and of course the cartridge exists. Why on earth would I want to corrupt the integrity of the magazine by creating an elaborate hoax?? Anyway, it’s prompted some interesting comments from those who don’t know what Retrogames is about! What do you make of this.....

>With the designers of the Vectrex having a role in making the games
>freely distributable....
>....wouldn't any unreleased stuff have already come out through that
>channel already? - Glen

I have to say I agree with you 100%. I vaguely remember the controversy when
this copy of "MailPlane" was "found" a while back, there was quite a bit of
comment about it on the CCNUK mailing list at the time IIRC.
Anyway, I was FAR from convinced back then that the cartridge was for real
and now, having seen this scan of the article, I'm convinced it is a hoax.

Let's face it, anyone who had such a jewel in their collection would be
itching to show it off - to friends, fellow collectors etc. AFAIK *NOONE*
aside from the alleged owner and alleged seller has ever seen the thing....

I think the guy is a liar, plain and simple. TTFN - Pete.
Who said Retrogamers were all nice blokes eh!!! If you want to see the article in question, check out issue 10 of Retrogames. If anyone finds anything worthy of our new Retronews section, or has comments on anything written above, then please let us know.
Before this point, Retrogames didn't have a NEWS section, but this site has been live since 1998, making it older than Google, though slightly less successful. 
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