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RetroGames - The world's first classic games company
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GBA SP - NES Edition - Boxed  
GBA SP - NES Edition - Boxed
£ 80.00
Batman The Caped Crusader by Ocean  
Batman The Caped Crusader by Ocean
£ 7.00
Xbox Controller - Original Version  
Xbox Controller - Original Version
£ 12.00
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Thunder Blade by Sega Thunder Blade by Sega
£ 15.00
Taz-Mania by Sega Taz-Mania by Sega
£ 15.00
Taz Escape from Mars by Sega Taz Escape from Mars by Sega
£ 20.00
Selling or trading your games with retrogames couldn't be much easier. All you have to do is contact us via email, or send us a list at this address:

If writing a list is difficult, we can also price from photos of your items laid out. Or if your collection is far too big to show us in that way, then drop us an email and we'll discuss other options. 

Alternatively, you can Just Send Us Your Parcels of games to this address with your email address, and we'll do the pricing when it arrives: 

Red House
60 Watling Street
Milton Keynes

We can pay you by:

Bank transfer
, Paypal, Cheque or Cash on Delivery

What do we buy?

We buy games for all retro formats, including all consoles. We will accept both boxed or unboxed cartridge games, but prefer boxed cassette or disc games.

We accept ALL formats, including:

ZX Spectrum : Commodore 64 : Super Nintendo : Nintendo NES : Sega Megadrive : Electronic Games : Mega CD : 32X : Master System : Game Gear : Gameboy : Atari VCS : Atari 400/800 : Atari Lynx : Jaguar : Vectrex : CD32 : 3DO : Playstation 1 & 2 : Saturn : Dreamcast : Nintendo 64 : PC Engine : Neo Geo : Vic 20 : Amiga : Atari ST : Dragon : BBC/Electron : Intellivision : Colecovision : Atari 7800 : MSX : Famicom : Super Famicom : Game Related Toys and Figures and Many More obscure formats.

These days condition can make a huge difference to the value of your collection, we are paying bigger prices than ever for clean and complete games, but we will offer far less for:

Poor condition or damaged games
Budget games on cassette formats
Magazine cover tapes
Unboxed Megadrive or Master System games

The prices we offer depend on the condition and rarity of your items. We often pay more for items we donít currently have in stock.

If you are unsure whether your collection would be of interest or not, you can always email to check before you compile your list.

Notes About List Making

It is really helpful if you can give us some indication of condition, and completeness. Let us know if an item is damaged, or missing its box, inlay or manual, these are important factors when determining a price. 

If you have a big collection and can't face going through and writing it all down, we can price from photographs. If you can email us photos of your games or hardware laid out, we can usually price from those just as easily.

Once A Price Is Agreed

When we price lists, we give you a cash value and a trade value for your items. The trade value is for customers who prefer to swap their items for others on the site. We will also add the totals up for you. 

Once the total is agreed, there are several options for getting your collection to us. Most commonly people parcel up their items and send them off to us. As soon as the parcel arrives we either pay by bank transfer or paypal, or can send a cheque back to you, whatever you prefer. 

We also pay towards the cost of getting parcels to us. If we offer you over £100 for your collection we will pay the full cost of getting the parcel to us. If it is less, we still pay half the courier cost. This will be added to your cash total when we pay you

Bigger Collections

For us, the bigger the collection the better, but we realise the problems in getting large quantities to us. It is possible to drop collections off with us in Milton Keynes by prior arrangement. We can also pay in cash for items delivered personally.

If your collection is really huge, and if you are not too far away, we can come to visit and collect particularly large amounts.

You Can Trust Us

Generally we buy between 10-20 collections every week, some people sell to us on a regular basis, but many are moving away from collecting, or just clearing out and turning unwanted items into cash. 

We realise that if you have never dealt with us before, sending your collection off can be scary. Don't worry, we're the oldest and biggest classic games company in the world, Retrogames started buying collections back in 1995, and this website has been trading since 1998. We pay as soon as parcels arrive and if you need more assurance, do check out the testimonials page, also see our ebay shop feedback and that of our sister site, and if you're still not sure, you can always bring the items personally.

So, have you got your list ready?

Then email it to us at
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